Underwear That Protects Your Junk Lads

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Underwear That Protects Your Junk Lads

New underwear label called Wireless Armour,  promises to protect your junk from the harmful radiation. Last year they created and designed an anti Wi-Fi cotton boxer shorts, woven with a mesh of silver specifically designed to shield your package from electromagnetic radiation.

Protecting your swimmers from the potentially harmful side effects of electromagnetic radiation is becoming more and more difficult in this digital day and age. In order to stay connected to your work, your dates, or your family, you’re constantly carrying around a cellphone in your pants pocket or balancing a laptop on your knee. With a growing body of evidence linking devices to impotence, infertility and low sperm count investing in this underwear might be a good investment.

Joseph Perkins, a physician from London,has created this range of underwear fitted with silver ‘cages’ to protect your junk from radiation. The way it works is simple—by weaving silver into the fibers of the garment it shields from radiation; creating what is called the Faraday cage.

It has been independently tested and was found to shield 99.97 per cent of Wi-Fi signals. Additionally, the silver is said to make the underwear resistant to bacteria, which keeps them smelling clean.

Men’s health is a priority so we thought for those that are not aware of this new underwear we’ll inform you. Wireless Armour underpants are available in two styles – tight-fitting or loose Boxer Briefs. If you want to give the boxer-briefs a shot, head over to Wireless Armour’s online shop.

Short video below explains how this amazing underwear is going to save your swimmers:

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