Unique Ideas to Give Your Pool Area an Amazing Makeover

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Unique Ideas to Give Your Pool Area an Amazing Makeover

Having a pool in your home’s backyard is always a wonderful and practical addition. However, if you’ve had one for a long time, it is quite probable that it has become outdated, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

It is good to know that there is a wide variety of options out there for you to give the whole pool area a one-of-a-kind and awesome makeover. Some of them are even pretty cost-effective or simply don’t require that much work. Others could be a little more complex, but might really be worth the extra effort.

So, without further ado, let’s get down to what you can do – unique ideas to give your pool area an amazing makeover.

Install New Lighting

When it comes to lighting, you have many options to improve your pool area significantly. You should use LED lights, which are extremely energy-efficient and come in different colours. If you feel like going wild with what you can do, you can choose pulsating lights for the whole disco sensation.

What’s great about pool lighting is not only the fact that it makes night swimming a lot safer, but it also brings that unique charm that you are looking for.


Implement Plants in a Smart Way

When it comes to landscaping, drought-resistant and durable plants are a big trend around pools. This mainly goes for succulents, which are easily maintained due to the fact that they need to be watered quite rarely. If your area gets hit by a dry spell, a succulent can endure it without a problem.

It is also good to know that they come in a variety of colours, textures, and forms, enabling you to be very creative with the ways you implement them.


Update the Waterline Tile

The tile that goes along your pool’s waterline is bound to wear out or get damaged eventually. This could be the perfect opportunity to update it with a new and great-looking solution. Not only will you make sure that there are no leaks that can be hard on your wallet, but you can also opt for a stylish solution, such as mosaic tiles.

Mosaic tiles are a fantastic choice because they combine various colours, sizes, designs, as well as materials. What you get is a one-of-a-kind and colourful tile that adds to the whole visual appeal of your pool. A neat option could be using a neutral mosaic tile made out of stone and glass because it boosts the crystal look of the water.


Add a Spa

This may be one of the costlier and more complex solutions, but it can be worth your time. When you add a spa to your pool area, a swimming session can easily be followed by some cozy relaxation with warming up your muscles.

Spas come in many different styles, so you can decide which one suits your preferences and budget the most.


Install Pool Fences

If safety is one of your main concerns, then it would be a wise idea to consider installing pool fences. There is a variety of materials that you can go for, such as steel, aluminium, vinyl, wood, and the like.

They commonly come with a gate that you can properly lock, and it’s also good to know that manufacturers most often make them childproof.


Include Amazing Water Features


Water features can be a great way to make your swimming pool genuinely enticing. You can let your imagination go wild and include some sweet-looking waterfalls and fountains. The great thing about these features is that you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money on them.

What is certain is that you’ll end up with a pool area that looks really good, with some of that fantasy element. When you spend your time under that waterfall, close your eyes, imagine being in the wilderness, and just relax.

Final Words

What is also important to know is that every improvement to your pool area also boosts your total value. If you eventually decide to sell your home, all the makeovers that you’ve invested in, be it more or less costly, are certainly going to pay out in the end.

Next to other essential aspects such as the walkway, garden, façade, and even the front door, a beautiful and well-maintained swimming pool is bound to make your home more desirable to potential buyers.

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