Use it or lose it!

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Use it or lose it!

Lubricant giant KY doesn’t think we’re having enough sex. They blame our ever busy lifestyle and misuse of technology. Technology is distracting us from our bedrooms and as time passes we’re losing confidence in bedroom skills. Ky message – Use it or lose it!

In a grand humanitarian gesture, KY enlisted the help of leading sexologists, personal trainers, and adult film stars. To develop a custom Sexercises program because as we all know it very well only practice makes perfect.

Apparently, these classes were offered for two months in Buenos Aires’ largest gym complex with over five thousand participants hoping to increase sexual stamina. This video, which was uploaded by KY to Vimeo, could be a clever and creative advertising ploy. But it could very well be that they’re planning to create these classes everywhere in the world for everyone’s sexual health. Until then, let our minds explore the possibilities in the videos and hopefully get us all motivated to get fitter for sex.

Here is their first class in Spanish, no translation needed.


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