Van Life – 5 Awesome Ways to Pimp Your Campervan

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Van Life – 5 Awesome Ways to Pimp Your Campervan

The campervan revolution has been upon us for some time. More and more people are selling up, hitting the road, and getting a taste of the nomadic lifestyle. However, not everyone can afford a top-of-the-line campervan. Instead, many go for one that has a bit of age and character to it; one to which they can also add their personal touch. Have you got a campervan project underway? Here are five ways you can pimp it out before your next road adventure. Van life-5 awesome ways to pimp your campervan!

Light it Up

You never think about how dark it is in a vehicle because you don’t need to see the interior. You have headlights to view the road, and that’s all that matters. All of that changes when you buy a campervan. All of a sudden, you need to see what’s going on inside and outside. 

Enhance your view to the outside world with LED light bars, but consider LED strip lighting and feature lighting for the inside too. Depending on the size of your campervan, you can make a statement with your new lights of choice. Otherwise, opt for functionality by swapping out your traditional bulbs with long-lasting LEDs.

Choose a Theme

If you’re on a mission to make your campervan the coolest one around, then you’re going to need to choose a theme. Otherwise, you can end up with a weird mismatch of décor and designs that don’t work well together. Many experts swear by having an idea in mind when they start alterations. It can streamline the purchasing process and improve the resale value as well. In 2019, contrasting colours and farmhouse décor were some of the most popular and affordable options.

Transform with Tech

You never think about how much you rely on technology until it’s not there or you can’t access it with ease. Thankfully, there’s no reason why it can’t come with you on your campervan adventure! If you’re not that savvy when it comes to tech installation, then talk to someone who is. You can install speakers, TVs, mobile broadband, and other media devices to make each trip off-the-grid but still entirely connected to the world.

A Taste of Home

Campervans can be as homely or as sterile as you like, but a home away from home is always preferable. While it can be a challenge to fit all the comforts of your abode in such a small space, it’s not entirely impossible. Add a sense of warmth with curtains and splash out on a vibrant blanket for your bed. The odd throw pillow or three and some snuggly rugs or wooden floorboards wouldn’t go amiss either. You could even go as far as adding some artwork, provided you secure it well to walls.

Get Savvy with Storage

Around ten million people in the United States own RVs and campers, so it’s fair to say at least a few have come up with some quirky storage solutions. While campervans come with several options in the standard design, there’s much more you can do. You can add pockets to the back of your seats, install magnets for kitchen appliances, and look at overhead lockers as well. Even under-seat and under-bed drawers can add convenience to your travels. 

A campervan can be a blank canvas for you to let your creativity run wild. You can add new lighting, install tech, and select a theme that takes your home on wheels to the next level. Even storage won’t be a problem when you draw inspiration from other travellers. Before you know it, you’ll have the most pimped out campervan on the streets and can begin your travels in style.  

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