Who is Vitalii Sediuk, really?

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Who is Vitalii Sediuk,really?

Ukrainian journalist Vitalii Sediuk has walked off the red carpet in handcuffs for assaulting Brad Pitt at the world premiere of “Maleficent” at the El Capitan Theater on Wednesday, 28th May 2014, in Los Angeles. Sediuks pranks have left him with very little friends in the entertainment world. He has kissed Will Smith in Moscow, which prompted Will Smith to slap him and ask ‘what the hell is your problem?’ He grabbed Bradley Cooper around the legs and before this last incident with Brat Pitt he streaked the Prabal Gurung runway show at NY Fashion Week and was arrested for trespassing.

 Is this a man highly disturbed or is there something more to his antics?

Vitalii Sediuk, is not just some guy, he has made an entire career of approaching celebrities, from the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper, Will Smith and now Brad Pitt. True to say that Vitalii Sediuk has pissed off a lot of celebrities and journalist.

However with every prank he establishes that these celebrities are real people who can be touched, confused and annoyed. These celebrities when surprised act very different from how they would in rehearsed scenarios. Is Sediuk then endeavoring to bring to our attention something deep seated? Maybe Sediuk’s pranks bring to our attention how ridiculous our celebrity culture has become. We treat celebrities like demi-Gods; maybe we all need to re-assess our notions of reality.

Worthy of mention is that of course invading anyone’s privacy without his or her consent is wrong no matter who they are.



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