Vive Smart Bracelet Knows When You’re Drunk

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Vive Smart Bracelet Knows When You’re Drunk

Vive Smart Bracelet knows when you’re drunk and also warns your friends if things are getting way out of hand. This is the new craze in wearable technology.

As a young adult, it’s inevitable that at some point you’re going to have one too many drinks. Even the most responsible of us are bound to get a bit carried away sometime. It happens.

Next time you go out to a bar with your girlfriends, somebody separates from the group, no stress. Now there is a handy bracelet that lets you know where your friend is. Vive Smart Bracelet monitors alcohol and dehydration levels as well as locates you.

How does it work then?

The band connects to a smartphone app, and monitors your alcohol intake as soon as you start drinking. Once the bracelet detects you are drinking, it will occasionally vibrate to ‘check in’ with you. All you need to do is squeeze the bracelet to let Vive know you are still doing well and are in control. If you don’t squeeze the bracelet, your friends will be notified, so they can find you and make sure you’re okay.

Vive Bracelet -Drunk

The idea seems to be genuinely clever but there might be a few problems with it. If squeezing the bracelet is all that requires to not having an embarrassing message being sent to your friends about your state of intoxication, people will find a way to squeeze that bracelet to save them of the embarrassment.

In essence, the app is a pretty smart idea. But along with many other wearable tech items, the whole thing probably sounds cooler than it might actually be in practical, day-to-day life.



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