Want To Look Younger, Update Your Haircut

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Want To Look Younger, Update Your Haircut

As we age our faces and hair change. Haircuts should also change to best suit our changed face and hair. Forget facelifts, the right haircut can actually make you look years younger. If you want to look younger, update your hairstyle.

Finding the right cut and color can give a huge boost to your overall appearance. One hair trick is the side swept bangs, like those worn by Cameron Diaz. These side swept bangs cover the lines in your face, creating a soft and timeless look.

Cameron Diaz

Some women think that once they turn 40 they have to cut their hair short. Actress Julia Roberts proves that longer style can still be flattering in your 40s. The trick is to avoid sticky straight hair around your face, instead have waves that add softness.

Julia Roberts

It always feel like a big step to change what you have been used to for many years. Take small steps and gradually change your hairstyle, you could start with a new colour and then a new style.

The three most important factors to keep in mind when choosing a new style are these: your bone structure, hair texture, and preferred maintenance level.

When you are at your stylist’s remember to make very clear what you want. Follow the five tips below to ensure you are going to be happy with your new hairstyle:

How to Get the Style You Want

#1: Request a 10-15-minute consultation before they begin cutting and ask lots of questions.

 #2: Don’t just ask for a trim and assume you and your stylist are on the same page. Instead, ask them to show you what it will look like before they cut and discuss how much should be taken off, and from where.

 #3:  Ask for a cut that’s right for you, and not the trendy look of the day.

#4:  Be very specific and say something like, “I’d like a choppy, nape-length bob with long layers framing my face.” Before you go your stylist learn enough “hair lingo” to make yourself clear. Best bring a picture with an example of what you want, a picture is worth a thousand words. Don’t leave room for interpretation……

#5: Keep your eyes on the scissors at all times, watch what your hair stylist is doing whether or not you would rather like to relax after a hard day. Speak up as soon as you feel uneasy about something and well in time for your hair stylist to still change gear.

Take the plunge and feel and look younger again.








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