Want to lose weight the easy way?

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Want to lose weight the easy way?

We are constantly bombarded with literature advising us on how best to lose weight; eat more of this or less of that. At best a frustrating journey when attempting to find the best method to lose weight which suits you and your lifestyle. However, the answer is far simpler than you could imagine, as a matter of fact you probably knew it already. Here you won’t be preached about healthy eating and a sports regime you must follow but simply be told a technique that is extremely easy and surprisingly efficient.

Professor Richard Wiseman reveals the reason why you and I are not losing the undesired extra kilos in the following video on In59seconds.

He talks about how your mind and senses can cooperate with you in your effort to cut down on your eating and therefore losing weight. Watch this video below to learn about a technique that costs nothing and yields great results.

The simplicity of this technique is hilariously effective. You trick your senses with the size of your plate, best that you see and hear it for yourself:


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