Want to Enjoy a healthy sex life?

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Want to Enjoy a healthy sex life?

Enjoying a healthy sex life is one of the great joys in life. Want to enjoy a healthy sex life? Then do not throw caution to the wind.  Sex is not only pleasurable, it is also the most fulfilling of all types of pleasure. Moreover, there have been lots of studies describing the health benefits of sex. It helps you ward off colds and flu, boosts your mood, lessens pain, lowers blood pressure, etc.

Want to enjoy a healthy sex life with all its benefits?  It is important then we prioritise our sexual health by learning the risks and how to protect ourselves from sexually transmitted diseases.

The transmission of diseases via sex is nothing new.  However, with today’s hookup culture and casual attitudes to sex,  and concerning trends such as stealthing. Stealthing is when a man removes a condom during sex – often unbeknownst to his partner. It becomes apparent that we take care of your sexual health.

The World Health Organisation announced in 2017 that over 78 million individuals are infected annually with gonorrhoea due to decreasing condom use and poor detection rates or failed treatment. More concerning, the WHO also indicated that the STI is showing signs of antibiotic resistance as it develops into more of a superbug.

According to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cases of some sexually transmitted diseases have reached and an all-time high.  Carvaka, a UK sex-positive toy company, has created this interesting and concise graphic:

In the USA, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention figures released in late 2016 investigated 2015 STI statistics and points to the fact that between 2014 and 2015, chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhoea reached an all-time high.  An equal increase in sexually transmitted diseases was noted in Australia too. In general, the age bracket that recorded higher numbers of STIs was 15-24 years old. The age group that is more sexually active and accepting of casual sexual relationships. 

Risk Factors for Acquiring an STI

Anyone who is sexually active risks exposure to an STI; factors that may increase the risk are indicated below

Most Common STIs

There are people who without realising have an STI because some STIs don’t show obvious symptoms or symptoms are mild.  Medical professionals advise that anyone sexually active should get tested regularly but also use condoms with each new partner.

Top 5 Developed Countries with Highest STI Rate*



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