Watch 100 Years of Handbag Fashion

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Watch 100 Years of Handbag Fashion

In what is one of the most interesting 100 years style videos by Mode,looking at the evolution of handbags over the last century. In their last in installment, Mode has a delightful and intriguing video for us to watch and enjoy – 100 years of Handbag Fashion and how our personal style is influenced by culture, technology, and society.

In the past, they’ve shown us how men’s New Year’s Eve Fashion, women’s lingerie , and Halloween costumes have changed in the past 100 years. In their latest installment, we’re taken through time via handbag styles.

The handbags through the ages get bigger and bigger and what was carried inside them is fascinating. All the items that are important to any modern woman now would not fit into one of the earlier handbag designs. Our makeup and sunglasses changed considerably and the pretty handkerchiefs have become obsolete.

iPhones have come in fashion and handbags had to be able to accommodate all the needs of the modern woman. A handbag from the 1910s could barely fit an iPhone for example. Accessories that once were part of a woman’s handbag must-haves, have become obsolete to name a few –  fans, monogrammed handkerchiefs, and walkmans.

Take a look and watch mode’s 100 years of Fashion: Handbags:


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