Watch Kurt Russell Repeatedly Beat Up James Cordon In Funny Sketch

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Watch Kurt Russell Repeatedly Beat Up  James Cordon In Funny Sketch

Late night show host can’t get a break, he keeps running into Kurt Russell who repeatedly beats him up in this funny sketch.

The segment is called “Escape From Kurt Russell” and you can watch Kurt Russell repeatedly beat up James Cordon in this funny sketch.

Each time they meet, Kurt Russell gets increasingly rougher with late-night host pal. It all begins with a seemingly innocent encounter where Russell engages in some friendly sparring and jabbing. They run into each other twice more, with each encounter more violent than the last.

Their last encounter is rather violent, with badass Kurt Russell throwing James Cordon through walls.  When Corden ends up in the hospital, he wakes up realising that he can’t escape Kurt Russell even when he’s in the hospital.

Watch the hilarious video below:

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