Ways to Prevent Your Pillow from Harming Your Skin and Hair

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Ways to Prevent Your Pillow from Harming Your Skin and Hair

Pillows come in contact with your skin and hair every night and even more often if you take regular afternoon naps. Although you might not be aware of it, your pillow can have a harmful effect on both your facial features and hair. No matter how comfortable you think it is, your pillow may be messing with you, causing you to wake up in worse shape than when you went to bed for your beauty sleep. To avoid this, follow these simple tips and you will see improvements in no time. Ways to prevent your pillow from harming your skin and hair.

Choose a memory foam pillow

Regular pillows might not be right for your neck and back, which is why you should consider getting yourself a pillow filled with memory foam. This type of technology enables you to sleep comfortably at night because the pillow adapts to the shape of your body and positions you for a restful sleep. There are various kinds of pillows you can choose from, depending on whether you prefer a memory foam neck pillow or a sleep iso-cool memory foam pillow. 

When choosing the perfect pillow you should bear in mind that there are three different sizes to choose from. Also, your sleeping position is important, so if you’re a side sleeper you should opt for firmer and raised pillows, while back sleepers should prefer flatter pillows. Firm pillows with no elasticity are better neck supporters, while fluffed once are better if you’re a restless sleeper. Keep in mind that your pillow affects the quality of your sleep, and consequently your beautiful qualities. 

Update your skincare routine

Do you have a skincare routine before going to bed? If not, then this is the perfect time to start one in order to give your skin a proper treatment it deserves. We spend a third of our lives sleeping and there are reasons why this is so. Sleep is the only period of the day when our bodies are able to thoroughly recover, which is why you should get the most out of it by preparing your skin for a good night’s sleep. 

First of all, washing and toning procedures are a must if you want to get that dirt out of your pores. Furthermore, you should remove any stubborn dirt particles with special skincare products such as face rollers and blackhead removers in order to free the pores completely, and finally seal the deal with a nurturing serum and moisturizer. You should be careful to complete this routine at least half an hour before going to bed. You don’t want your pillow soaking up all the products you’ve carefully applied. 

Changing your shampoo might help

If you notice having problems with your hair quality, it might not be due to hair products alone. When bad hair care interacts with a lousy pillow quality, stuff might get even worse. So, changing shampoos without having this interaction in mind is going to do you no good. Instead of aimlessly trying all kinds of shampoos, try changing your pillowcase material from cotton to silk. This does sound a bit posh, but it’s a guarantee that your pillow won’t cause your hair problems. Now that you’ve covered this part, you can start experimenting with different kinds of shampoos to see which one suits your hair type best.

You should adopt a routine where you use a clarifying shampoo at least twice a month, and even more often if you have really dry or naturally curly hair. An apple cider vinegar rinse once every other month is a natural way to keep the hair fresh and strong. Also, mind that a change of water quality might affect your hair as well and going to sleep with wet hair is going to compromise the quality of your pillowcase, so make sure to avoid this as well.

Keep your regular skincare routine updated and your pillowcases washed at least once a week in order to get the best results. Remember that beauty is a reward given only to the once who invest in it.

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