Ways to raise incredibly successful kids

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Ways to raise incredibly successful kids

A dream of every parent is to raise their kids to become successful, responsible and independent adults, but it’s definitely not an easy task. Actually, it’s one of the most challenging things some people have to do in life.

How do you deal with kids’ curiosity and eagerness, which often lead to a lack of focus and concentration? How to help your kid perform better academically? What is it that you can do to help them turn into great individuals? These and similar questions are constantly on most parents’ minds, which is why we’ve prepared a brief overview of the most important elements of bringing up a successful kid.

Early bird

If you wait until your kid starts school to teach them the importance of knowledge and inspire them to learn, you’re way too late. Young minds love discovering new things, learning and experimenting, and that fact should be used to arouse their interest in learning. Needless to say, most learning at that age happens through play, which is why it’s crucial to create such conditions that would inspire a young mind to develop.

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Avoid negative associations

When setting boundaries, each parent relies heavily on their own system of values and the same applies when choosing punishments. However, most of us sometimes forget what’s right and choose completely inappropriate punishments, such as sending the child to their room or sending them off to study. The only thing you will achieve by doing this is make your kid associate books and learning with something very negative.

Not only should you avoid negative association, but also foster positive reinforcement. Instead of using books as a tool for punishment, you can turn them into a tool for rewarding. Next time they do something well, give them a new picture book or a novel, depending on their age and interest. That’ll help them associate reading with something positive.

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Support them

Your kid needs support in every aspect of their life. To begin with, some find it hard to adjust to going to school and have difficulties following the syllabus. You need to react immediately and help them make the most of their time at school. Whether it means just talking and listening to them or it includes a more proactive approach, like the increasingly popular tutoring in Australia, depends on many factors.

Also, when it comes to making important decisions, your kid needs to know that they’ll have your full support and encouragement. That will instil the much-needed self-confidence and help them become successful. If they grow up feeling that they have the necessary support, they’ll also be much more helpful to others.

Help them with their passion

The fact that you followed a certain path doesn’t mean your kid should do the same. Still, regardless of everything, you need to help your kid find their passion, something they feel strongly about and are ready to devote time and effort to.

Another benefit of being there for your kid when they pursue their interests is that they will be much more likely to open up to you and communicate better. This will help you strengthen your relationship with them and help them create new, quality relationships with other people later in life.

As you can see, the key elements you need to pay attention to if you want to raise an incredibly successful kid are your support – which often requires a lot of patience, and the fact that you need to facilitate learning in a way that you create an atmosphere where thirst for knowledge is fostered and where curiosity and eagerness are explored and exploited for a good cause. Not all parents can provide that, for one reason or another, but those who can have no excuse not to do that.


Tracey Clayton is a full-time mum of three girls. She’s passionate about travelling, fashion and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

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