Wedding Bliss – Tips for Keeping the Romance Alive After Your Big Day

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Wedding Bliss – Tips for Keeping the Romance Alive After Your Big Day

Two lovers who have known each other for the last 5 years were tying the knot. It was a grand affair. Their friends and families all gathered around to witness the beauty of love taking place. Everyone, especially the newlyweds had a wonderful time. An evening of wedding bliss filled with love and laughter. As the time went by, responsibilities increased. They got up in the whirlwind of chores and obligations. They start to grow apart. Miscommunication occurred and there were constant fights almost every day. They felt like their bond was changing.

A wedding is a blissful union of two souls who love each other a lot. Everyone imagines what their big day would be like and their happily ever after. But love is not that easy. It is a pattern that has its ups and downs. After marriage, a routine starts to happen and the monotonous life may feel like you are losing the initial connection.

The efforts start to seem less, partners become busy and responsibility increases over time. Not just external but there are internal changes as well. A person’s personality, priorities, motivation, energy and goals change over time. Marriage is a lifelong journey that requires both partner effort and dedication. The butterflies turn into calmness.

People may confuse it with boredom or getting out of love. One can also feel that their bond is not the same. It becomes highly important to keep the flame of romance alive, especially after marriage. Wedding bliss – tips for keeping the romance alive after your big day.

Wedding Bliss Again With Love

Here are a few tips to ignite the wedding bliss again.

Make Time for Date Nights

Even though they live together under the same roof, many couples do not feel involved in the relationship. It usually happens because they are not spending quality time together. It is different from just spending time with each other.

  • Quality time with your partner includes giving each other the full attention without any other distractions. Put away your phone and work. Immerse yourself in each other’s company. Listen and talk about their day, their daily moods and other stuff.
  • Always prefer quality over quantity. Devote a weekly or bi-weekly date. It could be as simple as trying a new restaurant, going on a mini trip, or doing a shared hobby together. The main aim should be to love each other’s company irrespective of the place and activity.
Keep Communicating Openly
  • Communication creates a foundation of understanding and trust. When in a relationship, always prioritize communicating your feelings no matter how uncomfortable or bitter it is. Miscommunication or not talking about the matter may create feelings of resentment.
  • Make it a habit to sit down with each other and talk about your day. It could be a designated set time or when you are sharing a meal. Share the good and bad happenings of your life. Do not let the minor mishappenings turn into a major argument.
  • If you find it difficult, take the help of some online games to start a deep conversation starter. You might start knowing aspects of your partner that you otherwise would not have thought to ask yourself.
Maintain Intimacy and Affection
  • Intimacy acts like fire in romance. It needs to keep lightening up. Act like each other’s first love. Behave like you used to while you were at the beginning of your relationship. Be giddy in love always wanting for more.
  • Be flirty and playful with each other. Physical touch plays a major role in keeping the romance alive. Show each other affection by holding hands, cuddling and through other forms of intimacy. Just a light pat on the back or hands over the shoulders would make your partner feel safe.
  • Be physically intimate often to not let the passion fade away. Try and explore new things in the bedroom. Be open to trying each other’s fantasies and not be judgemental about it. Keep each other always standing toe to toe.
Learn and Grow Together
  • After marriage, you both work like a team. You share your achievements and drawbacks. Always be there to support your partner and help them grow while doing it yourself simultaneously. Discuss and share your dreams, visions, and hopes for the future. Find opportunities for both personal and shared growth.
  • Create some shared experiences. Find hobbies such as taking a pottery class, learning salsa dance, or anything else that both are willing to try. Seek some volunteer work in the NGO or go on a dog food drive. These activities will strengthen your bond.
Nurture Your Individuality
  • Marriage changes dynamics, two individuals work as a team in front of the world. But one should not lose their individuality while on it. Every individual first needs to love and work on themselves. When one feels satisfied and happy then only, they will be able to support others.
  • Explore your interests and aspirations. Create boundaries and personal space. Create a path for your self-discovery and growth. Encourage your partner to start their individualistic journey too.
  • Make time for your friends and family. You do not need to go everywhere as a couple. Enjoy your alone time with your loved ones. Create memories with them. Bring and share all those insights and memories with your partner.

Some people tend to take their loved ones for granted. This is a common phenomenon that occurs especially after marriage. One gets fixated on the idea that their partner is not going anywhere. But marriage is not just about loyalty, it is a lifelong journey with adventures and challenges. To keep your romance alive, keep constant efforts and affection for your partner.

The same couple in the anecdote in the starting went in for a couple of counselling.  Started to identify the gaps within them and worked on themselves and their relationship, not giving up on each other. They made a pact to at least share one meal in the whole day. They went on weekly dates and did fun activities together.


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