Weight Lifting Back Brace – Why a Weight Belt is not a Back Brace [Difference & Benefits]

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Weight Lifting Back Brace – Why a Weight Belt is not a Back Brace [Difference & Benefits]

Weight lifting buildings your strength, and shapes your body. However, there’s a risk of a back injury. Once it happens, it’s going to be hard to recover and return to the gym. 

You can speed up the recovery with weight lifting back brace. There are various models, as well as reviews of trending back braces.

When Do You Need a Back Brace?

You may wonder if you need a back brace. A back brace is a medical aid you use when you experience back trauma, hernia, or overuse of back muscles. 

Depending on the severity of the injury, you can use a specific model to help your recovery. Also, you can recognize how severe a back injury is solely on the type of back brace.  

Back braces that cover almost the entirety of the back are for severe back injuries. However, smaller braces with fewer appendages are for less severe injuries.  

Still, that doesn’t answer our primary question – Why a weight belt isn’t a back brace. 

What is a Weight Belt 

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Inexperienced lifters believe these are similar. However, they have two very different functions. A weight belt is a piece of equipment that enhances your lifts and prevents further damage. 

When a lifter lacks the strength to lift, a belt helps him focus his power and perform lifts. Usually, belts use leather or similar materials. They need to be sturdy, tough and provide proper compression of the abdomen. 

Weight belts also provide you with safety and hernia prevention. When you tighten the belt, you prevent the possibility of your stomach protruding as a hernia. While rare, this type of damage can happen to a lifter.  

Weight lifting back brace has a different purpose.

What is a Weight Lifting Back Brace 

Weight lifting back brace helps you to recover from a back injury and return to weight lifting. Unlike a weight belt, a back brace for weightlifting aids you while you return to strength. 

Another feature of a back brace is that it holds your back muscles and alleviates tension. Putting too much pressure on strained muscles can create an adverse effect on the healing process. 

Weight lifting back brace gives you a better sense of compression and pressure. 

You can adjust the level of compression and increase or decrease the pressure on your back. That way, you can control mobility and strength during workouts and weight lifting. 

Overall, a weight lifting back brace is great when you return to the gym after an injury. Or, you can use it when you had previous injuries and want to support your back. 

It all comes down to the effect you want to achieve.

Protecting Your Back 

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Back protection while weight lifting depends on your workout, rest, and awareness of injuries. It often happens that even when lifters use a belt, they damage their back or sustain other injuries. 

Often, they overtrain or use improper training techniques. Often, what most lifters fail to utilize is a proper lifting posture. 

There’s a reason why some lifters last for a few years and why some train for decades. Lifting is more than strength. There are specific forms and techniques to follow. 

Even then, an injury may occur. It could be a slip, a tear in your body, or something else. However, with proper equipment, the back injury becomes less severe and simpler to treat. 

That’s why you need to know when you need a weight belt and when a back brace. 

When You Need a Weight Belt 

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Once you start deadlift, get a weight belt. As you want to lift more weight, it’s only natural to use the belt to achieve more and protect your body. 

A weight belt is going to be one of the first investments in lifting equipment. The good thing about a weight belt is that you can invest in a belt and use it for years. Of course, to have proper flexibility and sturdiness, invest in new belts annually.  

So, whether you are a rookie lifter or a veteran, purchase belts to ensure stronger lifts and safety. Get it after a few months of going to the gym. 

But, while a weight belt is a standard piece of equipment, there’s a different reason to buy a back brace. 

When Do You Need a Weight Lifting Back Brace?

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Buying a weight lifting back brace is a different matter. You are going to buy a weight lifting back brace after you experience a back injury. Lifter rarely invests in a back brace solely because they can’t anticipate an injury. 

You can wear a back brace after an injury to help you recover and regain strength. Or, you can wear it when you notice you have back pain often. 

For example, if you notice you have pain in your lower back muscles, wear a back brace. Switch up your program, and avoid heavy lifts. Keep training but focus on other muscle groups while wearing the brace. 

After a few weeks, you’ll notice less tension, and you can try lifting at new weights. And, keeping track allows you to prevent further injuries using a weight lifting back brace.

Now, the only thing left is to get your equipment.

Choosing Your Equipment

So, if you think to buy one or the other – Invest in both if you intend to train for a long time. 

If you are a beginner, spend time researching weight belts. At the start of lifting, you won’t need a back brace. 

However, if you have been lifting for more than two years, take regular medical check-ups. By doctor recommendation or your intuition – Get a back brace along with a weight belt.

That’s the safest way to ensure the longevity of your body and lifting for years to come. Take care of your body, invest in weight lifting equipment. 


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