What are the Characteristics of a Strong Family?

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What are the Characteristics of a Strong Family?

Our family is the building block of how we act around other people and how we see the world. Family is the one that must provide warmth and love to all its members. And having a strong family is crucial for a happy life. Discover the characteristics of a strong family and how you can build one. What are the characteristics of a strong family?

What Makes a Family Strong?

A strong family has good communication

A strong family communicates in an open line. Each member of the family feels that they are heard and respected. One of the best techniques to build good communication is increasing your listening skills and your family members because you won’t be able to build a strong relationship if you don’t hear each other.

If your family member is trying to open up to you, listen to them actively. Give that person your full attention. Stop what you are currently doing or turn off the TV and focus on what that person is trying to tell you. Avoid thinking of your response or reaction first.

Take note of how the person is feeling, their voice, and their expressions. As much as possible, give advice only if you’re sure you fully understand what that person is trying to tell you.

Encourage your family members to express their feelings and thoughts

A strong family allows its family members to express their thoughts and feelings regardless of their age group. This doesn’t mean that the family members do not respect one another. It just shows that they respect the ideas and feelings of one another.

For example, if your teen daughter has lost her childhood best friend, show her support by giving her time to grieve and cry when she wants to. Guarantee her that you will stay by her side during this challenging time of her life. If possible, accompany her as she attends bereavement programs or seminars, so she’ll know she’s not alone.

Each member is expected to express their feelings and thoughts appropriately. Such as using “I” messages. Like, “I don’t like that you both are fighting.” People feel better for themselves when they feel that their opinion is heard and respected. They are more likely to solve problems and allow other people to express their feelings and thoughts.

Spends time together

Most of the time, family members are busy with their personal lives, such as career or school, making it very difficult to find a good time to spend together. This might seem normal, but you should know that relationships need attention, including a family.

One good way to spend time together as a family is by having a family routine. A routine will give each member the attention they need. It is the time that you set aside regularly for your family to spend time together. Your family routine may include eating a meal or celebrating holidays together, going for a walk, or going to church together. You must keep the practice alive no matter how busy you are with your lives.

Family rituals define your family as a whole. It gives enough time for family members to get together, share their experiences, and reconnect. A family ritual is a great time to fill up those times when you are apart. Even though the kids are busy at school and parents are busy at work, you all know that you will have time every evening to eat together and have a memorable time with each other.

Set special time for your children

Having a particular time with your children creates a strong bond for both of you. It is a good idea to make it a predictable ritual. That way, your children can depend and look forward to it. Make sure that your special time will not be easily interrupted by other things. One example is not answering messages or calls during family time.

Find opportunities to connect with your children

Yes, you know that having a special time with your children is important. But that doesn’t mean that that is enough. You can look for small moments or opportunities to connect with your kids.

Research studies suggest that frequent and brief amounts of time like 1-2 minutes bond with child-preferred activity is one of the best things parents can do for their child. You can do chores together and make stories while doing so. You can ask them to join you at the grocery store, and there you can talk about their concerns. Or you can watch TV shows together while waiting for dinner time.

Most of the time, we think that we should set a schedule for a special time, not realizing that the small moments are the ones that actually bind us together. Be present at the moment.

Remember that every family faces conflict. It is natural for every human relationship, but strong families work with their conflict fairly and focus only on the problems. They do not tear each other down. Instead, they build each other up as they solidify their relationship.

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