What are the Main Advantages of Solar-Powered Lighting?

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What are the Main Advantages of Solar-Powered Lighting?

Australia is moving towards a greener future; with an increased rate of use and installation of street lighting that is completely powered by solar. Many areas have opted to remove hard-wired street lighting that requires a significant electrical draw. The modern design of solar street lighting; makes it a great choice for many city centres and offers many advantages over traditional street lighting. What are the main advantages of solar-powered lighting?

Solar Power is Less Costly

Solar-powered street lighting is a way for cities to save money on their energy costs. There is no need for electrical power to run solar-powered lighting. Once they have been purchased and placed, they do not require additional costs to keep them operational. There is some maintenance involved to keep them operating efficiently; but not the same as electrical lighting with constant bulb changes. LED light bulbs offer brilliant white light and do not require much energy to operate; so the battery of the solar unit is not drawn on too heavily. The light is able to operate throughout the night without draining the battery. Since the battery is not overtaxed it has a longer life. The funds not spent on electrical costs can be used by local governments, private businesses, and councils for other items.

Solar Lighting is Better for the Environment

Our world is moving toward treating the environment better because we only have one planet to live on.  We must find ways to lower our consumption of non-renewable energy sources and reduce personal and corporate carbon footprints. Making the switch to solar-powered lighting just makes good sense.

Solar lighting has been used successfully in people’s homes with garden solar lighting and outdoor solar lighting. Now solar lighting is making its debut on a much larger scale; with the development of street lighting for cities and parks. Solar power is a renewable energy source that is clean and safe for the environment.

Solar Street Lighting – Permanent and Temporary Options

Street lighting does not need to be permanent.  There are times when extra lighting is needed temporarily; such as when roadwork is undertaken at night when traffic is not busy. Temporary solar-powered lighting is able to be moved easily. Furthermore, it does not require a hard-wired power source or a generator to be operated.  This makes solar lighting not only functional but also convenient for a wide range of applications.

Solar street lighting is often permanently installed as a fixture that is for lighting roads, a local walking path or a car park in a local shopping centre. If there is an area located outdoors and it needs to be lit; there is no reason why solar lighting cannot be utilized in place of traditional electrical lighting.

Solar Powered Lighting is Completely Safe

Solar-powered lighting is totally safe because there is no wiring required to operate it. No one can get an electrical shock from wiring that does not exist. Since there is no wiring required; the cost of installation is lower and the process to install the lighting is much quicker.

Many city councils are opting for solar street lighting and there is an increase in its use and installation. So many municipalities want to reduce the consumption of energy and municipalities by sourcing lighting solutions that are safe and cost-effective and solar-powered street lighting offers that option.

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