What Can You Do About Your Water Heater Making Noises

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What Can You Do About Your Water Heater Making Noises

Give your water heater some credit when next time you steam up the bathroom. It is one of the most used appliances in the house. It works on your command and makes hot water available 24/7. However, it is normal to forget about anything that is not always in your sight. Moreover, the water heater is working in the garage, utility closet or basement without making any noises. If you find the water heater not silent anymore and making a popping or any other strange noises, you are likely to be concerned. So, shall you call the best plumber in Coomera Waters or do something about it on your own?  

Popping Sounds

What could be the possible cause of that popping, clanking or cracking noise coming from the utility closet? The possible cause of this problem is mineral buildup. This buildup occurs when hard water keeps on depositing magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate over the years. It makes a popping sound as a warning sign indicating that there is a thick sediment layer on the bottom of its tank. 

This layer takes a toll on the efficiency of the heater by blocking the transfer of heat. You cannot ignore this problem. If not fixed on time, it can cause three harms including reduced efficiency, premature failure, and shortened life span. You can call the best plumber in Coomera Waters or simply Google ‘best plumbers near me’ to get it fixed. This can also be done during regular plumbing maintenance. To make sure that it operates efficiently for years to come, never ignore water heater maintenance. 

Hissing Sounds

Electric water heaters are known for making hissing sounds when they are not well-maintained. This hissing sound also indicates that there is a mineral deposit in the tank. Heating electrodes covered with sediment make this sound when they heat up. 

Booming or Banging Sounds 

Turn off the water heater if you find it making a booming or banging sound at startup. Call your plumber in Coomera Waters right away. This sound also tells you about some problems. A banging or booming sound comes when the burner starts and oil or gas reignites. Don’t ignore this dangerous situation. There can be high chances of explosion. 

Another cause of this problem is higher-than-normal thermal expansion. In this case, the heater has a large amount of water to reheat. This happens when you turn on the water heater after a long vacation or the tank has been depleted. So, you should call a plumber for help. If it still keeps on making this sound, you might need to add an extension tank. 

Screeching or Whistling Sounds  

You might find these sounds unnerving. However, the cause of this problem is harmless and can easily be fixed. First of all, find the water heater inlet and look for a partly closed control valve. The size of the exhaust flue should also be considered as it might cause a resonant frequency. Turning up the temperature of a tankless water heater can create an unpleasant noise. The plumber might have to resize the exhaust system to fix this problem. 

Tapping, Ticking Or Clicking Sounds 

These sounds are normal in most cases. As the heater operates, thermal expansion leads to these sounds. The hot water supply pipes consist of the heat trap which is the source of the sounds. You should call your plumber to see the routing of the hot water piping in case you find these sounds bothersome. 

You can avoid these problems with regular maintenance. Make sure that you are hiring a licensed plumber for the job.  

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