What do Aussies think of the American Accent?

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 What do Aussies think of the American Accent?

We all know that Americans love the Aussie accent but what do Aussies think of the American Accent?

Check out this BuzzfeedYellow video where a handful of men and women are asked about what they think of the American accent.

Aussies think men from Boston sound bad-ass, ‘they sound scary and kind of Australian’ one of them says.

When it comes to the Midwest accent, that then makes Aussies tend to confuse them for Canadians. Aussie girls think it’s a wholesome accent and they sound ‘nice and cuddly’.

Then there’s the NY accent, Aussies think they are classy and they are all business, a bit angry and rude but they do like their pizza.

Finally, Aussies’ talk about the southern accent; men are all cowboys wearing flannels-shirts and they are sexy, chivalrous gentlemen.

Aussies love their American friends, blamed it on TV or the movies, the aftermath shows that Aussies have a positive view of the American accent and ‘Aussie chicks love the American accent.’

Suppose that any American’s watching this video be thinking of making their next travelling plans to Australia where they’d be receive with open arms.


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