What Does an Ideal Relationship Look like?

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What Does an Ideal Relationship Look like?

Everyone wants to have a healthy relationship, either you’re already in one or if you’re single seeking a partner. You can always seek advice from other couples, your friends, or matchmakers to help you find someone to have an ideal relationship with. But there are some key characteristics that most people in healthy relationships share.

What does an ideal relationship look like? Read these 6 important qualities of a thriving relationship.

1. You have total trust in each other

You should be willing to trust your partner not just with your feelings but also with your weaknesses. It takes practice, but you’ll learn how to trust at the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Trust also provides the motivation that supports a healthy relationship.

Some ways to help build trust are admitting your mistakes, forgiving each other, listening actively, and keeping your promises. These are all earned one step at a time, and your partnership will be built on a great foundation that will strengthen your relationship.

2. There’s open communication

You should be comfortable talking about the things happening in your life, whether successes or failures. People in healthy relationships usually talk about any issues like things at work, friends, to more serious issues like financial concerns or mental health.

Even if you have a different opinion, learn to listen without judgment and then share your perspective. Remember that communication works both ways, and it’s important to make your partner feel that they can always be heard and understood.

3. You prioritize kindness

Thoughtfulness and kindness are recipes for a flourishing relationship. It helps glue people together, and it makes them feel understood and cared for. When someone witnesses or receives kindness, they tend to be kind to themselves which contributes to love and generosity in a relationship.

Kindness also helps people in a better mental state. It also boosts good hormones, relieves stress, and improves your physical health. It’s comforting to know that you have a thoughtful and respectful partner, and this knowledge will help your relationship remain in a stable place.

4. There’s a lot of affection

Affection is an important quality in a healthy relationship as it makes your partnership great. It can be as simple as touching or kissing your partner for no reason at all. Any other small way of showing how you love them can lead up to strengthening your relationship.

Some small ways where you can show affection to your partner include doing something kind for them every day like whipping up their favourite meal or calling them just to check how they’re doing. Small gestures like these prove that they really matter to you and that you care.

5. You respect each other

Respect is one of the most important qualities in lasting relationships. It’s about making your partner feel valued through actions, words, and behaviours. As much as you give it to your partner, you should be able to receive this kind of care from them as well.

One way of showing respect to your partner is being reliable and accountable. Since a huge part of a relationship is trust, maintain respect with each other especially when making plans. Don’t say you’ll call then won’t do it, or say yes to a dinner that you won’t be able to go to. Be respectful of their time and energy as it can be stressful to constantly change plans.

6. You maintain unwavering honesty

You both have to be willing to share what’s going on, regardless if it’s something positive or negative. Avoid hiding behind lies as this usually ends most relationships. It’s hard to feel safe if your partner hides things from you, or if you hesitate to tell them the truth. Honesty helps build trust and belief in each other, which is important for a long-lasting relationship.

To build honesty, avoid judging each other for the things you say. For instance, if they’re honest about what they feel but get yelled at or shut down, chances are they will be less likely, to be honest with you next time. Whenever they feel vulnerable, avoid judging them. Make them feel safe with expressing themselves, so they maintain honesty throughout your relationship.

A healthy relationship requires more than just strong feelings and shared interests. While it doesn’t look the same for everyone as people have different needs, there are a few qualities that stand out such as respect, communication, and boundaries. Aside from being able to truly care for and understand each other, they should also care for themselves to maintain a good balance in the relationship.

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