What Happens When You Drink Coke.

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What Happens When You Drink Coke.

What happens to you an hour later when you drink a can of coke? It’s fair to assume that the majority of the population has some notion that drinking coke, especially high quantities of it on daily basis, is not a healthy choice.

Coke is not just high in fructose corn syrup, but it is also packed with refined salts and caffeine. Regular consumption of these ingredients in the high quantities you find in coke and other processed foods and drinks, can lead to higher blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

However, a small amount now and then won’t do any major harm, the key here is moderation.

This following infographic produced by Niraj Naik, who likes to be known as the Renegade Pharmacist, explains what exactly happens to you an hour after you drink a can of coke. In the infographic below Niraj Naik details the damage that coke does as it passes though our bodies. An eye opener.

Niraj Naik has outlined the health issues on his blog Truth Theory and the findings are alarming. A good read if you want detailed information on the negative effects of high consumption of coke.

The Renegade Pharmacist
 source: The Renegade Pharmacists

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