What Plantation Shutter Material Is Right For Your Home?

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What Plantation Shutter Material Is Right For Your Home?

When determining on shutters for your home, you need to consider many factors that include the location of your home, existing interior decor and window size in your rooms. Next, you need to find the best material for plantation shutters. Although plantation shutters are available in different types, each come with different flexibility, aesthetics and durability; however, all of them have wide louvres as common aspect. Nonetheless, it is imperative to choose the right plantation shutter material for your home. Here, we will go over different types of plantation shutter materials, so you can know what will work best for your home. What plantation shutter is right for your home?

1. Laminated Shutters

Made with thin slats of wood glued together, Laminated plantation shutters facilitates for creative finishes like staining, painting or wrapping. Moreover, laminated screens are extremely affordable. This type of shutters is firm and striking like wood shutters.

2. Cedar Wood

Cedar-wood, when used for plantation shutters, has incredible qualities. As the materials take paint and stain surprisingly well, you can achieve any style or design. Without compromising the stability of the shutters, it is possible to make wide slats. Well, cedar is also resistant to decay and insects. Cedar is the best material of choice for attractive and resilient plantation shutters. For beautiful and resilient plantation shutters, cedar is the best material of choice.

Plantation Shutters

3. Basswood

As one of the best materials for plantation shutters worldwide, Basswood has made a name for itself. Moreover, Basswood provides unique flexibility when it comes to styling and designing. Basswood shutters can be stained, sanded and painted to any colour of choice.

4. Composite Wood

Composite wood, also known as engineered wood, is made out of single wood species or several species combined. Thanks to its flexibility and durability, it is also recommended for plantation shutters and is a fantastic substitute to plain wood shutters. Composite wood shutters are available in diverse shapes and colour choices and can effortlessly highlight the aesthetics of your home.

5. PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride)

If you’re looking for heat and moisture resistant shutter material, then PVC is the ultimate option for you. As the edges come with sealing caps, PVC shutter slats can’t be decorated. For a long time, PVC has remained the preferred shutter material for many households.

6. Alder

Alder material is a type of hardwood that surpasses in toughness, strength and damage resistance. Well, you can easily customise this material type into any design that you can think of. Alder is distinctive for its cherry wood grain look and shutters made out of it is simple to paint or stain into any colour of your liking.

7. Medium Density Fibre (MDF)

The medium density fibre material is sawdust mixed with glue and then formed into desired shapes. A diverse range of shutter styles are available including vinyl wrap, wood and painted finishes and you can choose the one that best fits your needs better. MDF plantation shutters are cheap and they are equally trendy as wooden shutters. The MDF material is resistant to bending. The curtains require low maintenance and can endure flaking and moisture.

8. Foamed Synthetics

When compared to wooden shutters, foamed synthetic shutters are cheaper. This synthetic shutter material is non-toxic, as well as, fire and water-resistant. As shutters provide steady insulation, you can save a considerable amount of your energy bill. Foamed synthetic shutters are available in different designs and colours, and they are made with aluminium braces to avert sagging.


Installing plantation shutters in Sydney can boost the aesthetics of your home, as well as, obtain the much-needed protection from the sun’s heat and at the same time help make your space private and secure. Good alternatives exist for plantation shutter material, which includes laminate wood, composite wood, foamed synthetics, brass wood, incense cedar, alder, PVC and MDF. However, selecting the right plantation shutter material for your home depends entirely on your personal preferences and requirements.


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