What to Do When Your Kid Has Their First Toothache

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What to Do When Your Kid Has Their First Toothache

Toothaches are very common among kids; in fact, chances are, you’ve experienced the same thing when you were young, too. But a child’s first toothache can be a very scary and painful experience for them. So, you need to find ways to alleviate the pain until the ‘root’ (dental-pun-intended) cause is professionally identified and treated. Naturally, you’ll want to call your pediatric dentist in Salt Lake City, Utah, to ask for instructions and to book an appointment as soon as possible.

However, if it happens at a time when your dentist isn’t available yet (i.e., night time, you’re out on a family trip, etc.), you’ll still need to deal with your child’s toothache and ease the discomfort up until the time that you can bring them to the dentist. As such, we’ll take a look at the basic steps and tips on what to do when your child experiences their first toothache. This is what to do when your kid has their first toothache.

#1 Ask and Check

Before you call your dentist, it’s best that you already have an idea of what the problem is so you can help your ailing child quickly. Ask them where the pain is and to describe the pain. If they’re not old enough to speak, you should be wary of any cheek swelling. You may be tempted to immediately open your child’s mouth to inspect what’s wrong. Before you do, make sure that you’re wearing sterile gloves or at least thoroughly wash your hands to prevent infection. Take note of any redness or swelling on the gums. Also watch out for tooth discolouration, decay, or broken/chipped teeth. Afterwards, you should reassure your child that they’re going to be okay. Proceed to call your dentist, ask them what to do and book an appointment ASAP.

#2 Warm Water With Salt Rinse

Next up, you’ll want to prepare a saltwater solution with warm water and a teaspoon of table salt. Instruct your child to rinse their mouth with the solution (and also take note of any signs of blood). The saltwater solution can help by easing the pain, killing the bacteria that may be causing the infection/swelling (which consequently reduces the swelling), and accelerate healing. Make sure to repeat this throughout the day until it’s time to bring your kid to the clinic.

#3 Over-the-Counter Pain Medication

An effective way to fend off the pain is by using over-the-counter pain medication designed for kids (or at least use the recommended dosage for children). Use an oral suspension liquid or easy-melt pain medication instead of chewable (for obvious reasons). However, you should consider this as a last resort, and it’s still best to confirm with your dentist first before doing so.

#4 Do Not Give Them Hot/Cold Food

You mustn’t give your kid food or drinks that are too hot or too cold as it can make the pain a lot worse. If your child needs to drink water, make sure it’s room temperature so as not to irritate the toothache further.

#5 Cold Pack

Lastly, you should use a cold compress and gently press it against the affected area to numb the pain. If you don’t have a cold compress or ice pack, just use ice cubes or chunks of ice and cover them in the cloth – NEVER let ice be in direct contact with their skin or have them hold ice in their mouth (see tip #4).

As we’ve mentioned earlier, your child’s first toothache can be a terrifying experience, so make sure that you follow these steps and tips to alleviate their discomfort until they can get treated.

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