What to Keep in Your Car? Tips for a Safe Comfortable Ride

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What to Keep in Your Car? Tips for a Safe Comfortable Ride

When you are a true gearhead; your car is an extension of yourself that you try to improve and pamper in any possible way.

Here we are going to give some tips to choose the right car gadgets whether they are for safety or entertainment purposes. Safety tools can help you stay focused on the road, give you a hand when caught in a tricky situation, or can save your life in times of trouble. What to keep in your car? Tips for a safe comfortable ride.

First things first, so let’s talk safety.

Dashboard Camera

The first tool you should know about is the dashboard camera (dashcam)- a device that can help you in many situations.

After getting this gadget installed, you will find that it is so much easier to drive when you have a camera showing and recording your windshield and rearview, certain dashcams automatically show your right or left view when steering the wheel.

Installing a dashcam can increase your car’s value. Furthermore, for its importance, many big car makers like Lucid Cars, BMW, Tesla, Cadillac, and Chevrolet have built-in dash cams from the factory.

Dashcams can last up to 72 hours after being fully charged. But be aware; if not installed properly, dash cams can drain your car battery especially if it is on parking mode. However, this problem can be solved by getting an external battery pack, or by using a hardwire kit with a voltage meter to turn off the device when the battery reaches a critical point.

Tire-Pressure Monitoring System

A tire-pressure monitoring system is an electronic system invented to monitor the air pressure inside tires to show whether they are over or underinflated.

There are two kinds of these systems; the first is the indirect TPMS that uses software instead of physical pressure sensors to measure the air in each tire. The second is the direct TPMS, this system uses a sensor inside the valve of each wheel.

Having such a gadget can drastically lower the risk of accidents as it gives you an instant sign when something is wrong with tires.

Please note that if the system light is still on after fixing the problem, you should consider fixing or replacing the tire that is leaking air.

Emergency Window Breaker

A small-sized handy tool to use in case of emergency to break the glass of the car’s window and let the passengers out.

There are two styles of this tool; hammer or spring-loaded. It is highly recommended to keep such a light small useful gadget in your car.

Car Charger Mount

If you are the kind of person who forgets to charge his phone until the last minute before leaving home; this gadget is perfect for you.

A car charger mount is easy to install and use. Besides, it can be used as a phone holder with an adjustable arm and an automatic clamping so that your phone won’t fall off. Using this mount, you can get 10-watt charging for Android phones and 7.5-watt for iPhones.

Tire Chains

Tire chains are used when there is a layer of ice or snow on the road to avoid skidding around in your vehicle. It is very essential to keep tire chains in your truck if you are living in cold countries or rural areas.

There are two kinds of chains; the first is Rubber chains which are the best choice as they do not harm either the vehicle’s tire or the street. While the second is Metal chains which were popular a long time ago but not anymore.

Now let’s talk a bit about luxury and entertainment. What is cool about luxury gadgets is that you can take them to your new car if you decided to cash your car and buy a new one.

Handpresso Auto Capsule

Do you love long car rides with loud music and hot coffee? This tool is the perfect luxurious addition to your car. All you need to do is to plug it in your car’s 12/24 volt socket and place it in your cup holder to enjoy your hot instant coffee.

Cooling and heating seat cushions

This seat cover can work in all seasons as it cools you when it’s hot and warms you when it’s cold which gives you a more comfortable driving experience. All you need to do is to fasten the straps of the cover around your car seat and plug it into your lighter socket.

An Expandable Hanger Bar

Instead of wasting your time on the roads; this hanger bar gives you the option of keeping your clothes neat and tidy and saves you the drive home to change your clothes if you are leading a busy life.

There are many other gadgets that you can add to your car to make it more functional and comfortable. But make sure first that there is enough space for the essential stuff that should always be in your trunk like; a first aid kit, warning road safety triangles, and a fire extinguisher.

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