What You Should Know Before Becoming an Optometrist

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What You Should Know Before Becoming an Optometrist

The average human possesses five sense organs; sight, taste, touch, hearing, and smell. However, most humans often rely quite heavily on our sense of sight to perceive the information of the world. Such one-sided dependencies often result in overstraining one’s visual capacity. Thus, it is important for regular checks to the doctor, in this case, an ophthalmologist or an optometrist. 

What is an optometrist? 

To explain it in simple terms; an optometrist is a primary health care specialist who is trained specifically in the care of the eye. They are responsible for detecting defects in one’s vision; anomalies, swelling, injuries, and other defects in the eye or general health.


Primarily, optometrist studies in a university for three years and takes part in clinical practice for a period. After which one is provided one’s degree and registration for practice. 

Pros and Cons to Consider 


  1. Work hours – Unlike most medical professionals, an optometrist enjoys more relaxed work hours. As they are less likely to be called upon at midnight or asked to perform late-night shifts. Giving them ample time to conduct both personal and professional business with ease and efficiency.
  2. Work environment – In contrast to those involved in infection control or lab studies; an optometrist is less likely to be exposed to any bodily fluids. Thus suffer the least of risk involved from an infection related to microbes and other contagious agents.
  3. Your own boss – An optometrist has the option to start their own practice. This provides them with the option to fix their own schedule and office hours according to their convenience.
  4. Time – Patients often develop relationships with their medical practitioners due to the amount of time involved in eye tests; ranging from 15 to 30 minutes on average. This also helps you not only understand your patients better, but you can provide more curated care for them.
  5. Low stress – Considered one of the lowest in job stress, optometrist makes for a comfortable profession to practice.
  6. Tangible results – One of the best parts of practising this profession is its ability to see one’s results unfold before one’s eye. Making it very satisfying when patients recover from their ailments making it extremely satisfying.
  7. Social – Often they handle public eye screenings for the poor and unfortunate, this creates a sense of public care for the patient and the practitioner. 



  1. Lower pay – The pay of an optometrist is quite low in comparison to an ophthalmologist. Though the pay is still comfortable it is only in comparison to other doctored professions that make it lower. You can make up for this by taking up more cases, but you need to be careful to not let your treatments be affected.
  2. High tuition cost- Often the most lamented part of the occupation includes its tuition fees which quite high and results often in students are taking educational loans.
  3. Patients prefer doctors – Sometimes patients will prefer an ophthalmologist over an optometrist despite the same treatment procedure, thus creating a void between the two. Although this only happens when both are present in a single group.
  4. Patient interaction – What Is also one of its strengths is also one of its cons, as patient interaction is a skill of its own and can often be quite unpredictable which can create major problems in understanding each other when not handled properly.

Despite its few disadvantages, the profession is quite rewarding and comfortable in comparison to other professions. And job satisfaction is among the highest. This makes it a highly desired profession. Despite its high tuition cost and lower wages in comparison to doctors, an optometrist is still a highly regarded profession. So, when are you making your appointment with the optometrist to learn more about your prospects in the field?


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