What Your Favourite Room in the House Says About You

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What Your Favourite Room in the House Says About You

Did you know that your home says more about you than you think? Whether it’s the kitchen, bedroom or lounge room, how you decorate the space reveals a lot about your personality, including the things you like. It could be a design style (modern or vintage) or the little details (sequin throw cushions or black satin sheets).

Psychology of design is just as important as physical design. The design of a room can also affect you positively or negatively. Not to mention you can quiz your personality to determine the style of your house. For example, if you have a no-nonsense personality, you probably prefer a modern kitchen with clean lines and places to hide appliances. If you’re afraid of closed spaces, a galley kitchen isn’t for you.

Now you know the significance of psychology of design, read on to find out what your kitchen, bedroom or lounge room say about you. You may be surprised!


What Your Favourite Room in the House Says About You- Kitchen


If your kitchen is all black, all white or monochromatic with stainless steel appliances, minimal accessories and hiding places for appliances, you’re an organised, efficient and left-brained person. You value cleanliness, order, critical thinking, practicality and ease of maintenance. You always like to keep your space tidy and dislike over-elaborate designs. Moreover, you appreciate bold and sophisticated architecture.


If your kitchen has warm colours or luxurious materials on the splash backs, wood grain cabinets, rustic stone elements or timber flooring, you have a warm and sentimental personality. You’re drawn to a certain design era and colours and textures make you feel at home. You also like history, so you may find it hard to get rid of important mementos from the past.


If your kitchen combines style elements from various time periods and also features elements from your travels, you’re a creative and right-brained person. You value colour, personality and variety. You may have a French country armoire in one corner and a stainless steel fridge in the other. There may also be an Italian tapestry hanging beside the breakfast nook and British crockery lining the armoire shelves.


What Your Favourite Room in the House Says About You -bedroom

Stuffed toys

You’re still a child at heart, but definitely not immature. You think of your stuffed toys as your companions, up to the point that you deactivated your online dating profiles and considered marrying your phone or job.

Five or more throw-cushions with or without sequins

If you have a lot of non-sequin throw-cushions on your bed, this tells someone that you sleep on the couch. If you have a lot of sequin throw-cushions on your bed, you love places such as Victoria’s Secret, Las Vegas, Dreamworld and Port Douglas, as well as the chocolate aisle at Coles. You probably also have a Treat Yo Self coffee mug and a pet named after a Sex and the City character.

Storage under the bed

You’re the type of person to hold a mean grudge and you’ve memorised all of your friends’ mobile numbers. Or maybe you just like to keep things neat, tidy and organised.

Black satin sheets

You like singing rock songs when you’re at a karaoke bar and can bench press 100 kilogrammes. You might also be hiding a deep dark secret or hiding the fact that you’re really a big softy at heart.

Sleep-tracking device attached to your mattress

You love smart technology and measuring your heart rate, breathing rate and sleep cycle. You’ve probably read The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil and went to a transhumanist speed dating event.

Lounge room

What Your Favourite Room in the House Says About You -Lounge


A modern/contemporary lounge room has clean lines, angles, neutral colours like beige, and a mixture of tones and textures for a clean look. There may be a cream leather lounge suite, accent pieces, stylish pendant lights and plenty of storage in your lounge room. This design style shows that you like iPads, in-built surround sound, sci-fi movies, natural light, new magazines, scented candles, fresh flowers and tidy spaces.


A lounge room with knitted blankets, rope-related crafts and cosy cushions reflect your artistic ability and love for creativity. You even tried making a macramé plant hanger. You most probably like the colours red, beige and navy blue. And you prefer the idea of self-sufficiency over the reality of gardening and composting.


If you’re a hippie, your lounge room will have sari-silk pillows, gerberas and plenty of candles. You love fortune telling and have an exotic collection of homewares that you insist is your way of celebrating other cultures. You’ve also been to a rave party in the middle of a forest.


You have traditional and antique furniture in your lounge room, including a tea set on a coffee table. This shows your love for classic things and a bygone era. You probably also like Earl Grey tea, beagles, hard furnishings, good manners and even Hugh Grant!


Your lounge room is colourful, quirky and fun. You’ve taken your favourite elements from different periods of time (Art Deco, mid-century modern, etc.) and filled the space with salvaged and styled treasures. You like flea markets, coffee, Instagram and bursts of colour.


Your lounge room is rugged and rustic just like a log cabin you’ll find in the Alps. The space is warm and inviting and brings a sense of the outdoors inside with its soft furnishings and wooden materials. This design style tells someone that you like hiking, winter evenings, home-cooked meals, leather and dogs.


An industrial lounge room has open space, vintage furniture and a combination of raw textiles. You probably love visiting art museums, eating out on the weekend, indoor gardens, polished concrete and cold-pressed juices.

Diehard Ikea fan

If your lounge room is filled with furniture and accessories from Ikea, you’re a practical person. You believe that what you like is more important than what you’re like. You prefer the contents of your cabinet shelves to represent who you are to the world. What’s more, as a big fan of Ikea, you love aeroplane food.

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