When Can Adults Get Orthodontic Care?

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When Can Adults Get Orthodontic Care?

The term orthodontics is used to describe dentistry treatments that correct the teeth and jaws when there are positioning issues. In general, orthodontic care is provided during the pre-teen to teen years. The goal is to straighten the teeth with appliances and by adulthood, the individual has beautiful straight teeth. However, many people are unable to afford such treatment as a child. Going through life with teeth issues, such as crooked teeth can decrease self-confidence as well as create issues such as teeth grinding or speech impediments. Thankfully, there are options for adults to straighten teeth, no matter the age range. When can adults get orthodontic care?

Start Any Time

It is never too late to achieve the smile you have always wanted. Today’s orthodontic care treatments are discreet, sometimes unnoticeable. With new advancements in treatment options, adults of any age can straighten teeth. A simple assessment will determine the type of treatment that will work best. Consulting with your dentist will get the ball rolling to straighten teeth.

Many adults feel that it is too late to straighten teeth, but that is not the case. From traditional braces to Invisalign, there are many options that can be used to straighten teeth, boosting confidence as a crooked smile is repaired.

Benefits of Teeth Straightening As An Adult

As an adult, you will be able to enjoy several benefits from orthodontic treatments. First, the function of your teeth will be improved. If you have overbite or underbite issues, the problem can be taken care of with orthodontic care. The alignment of your teeth will be corrected which will improve your overall smile and usage of your jaw.

With a straight smile, your confidence will be boosted. Many adults avoid smiling due to crooked teeth or being embarrassed by the appearance of the teeth. With a straightening process, the teeth shift to the right places, creating the correct alignment. Once you see your straightened smile, your confidence will instantly be boosted.

The process of straightening teeth has also improved over the past few decades, so newer, more superior options are now available instead of the older methods used when you were younger. Such offices as Oasis Orthodontics can provide insight into the options available for adult teeth straightening.

Options for Adult Braces

In general, there are three types of braces that are used for adult teeth straightening, ceramic, Invisalign and Invisible. With ceramic, you have a more traditional approach, with the brackets blending in with the natural colour of the teeth. With Invisalign, a clear aligner is used to straighten the teeth. The aligner is easily removed for eating and changed out frequently to move teeth into the right position.

Another option is invisible braces. These are fitted to the inside of the teeth, so they are unnoticeable. Easily straighten out crooked teeth while no one is the wiser.

If you are self-conscious about your smile, visit your dentist and learn more about the possibilities for straightening. Your issues may be minor and it could take only a few months to have straight teeth, boosting your confidence, allowing you to smile all the time!

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