Where to Spray Perfume on Your Body and Clothes?

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Where to Spray Perfume on Your Body and Clothes?

Perfume is made from fragrant essential oils, fixatives and solvents, aroma compounds, and flower juices. Most people use perfume to smell good, enhance their mood, and look stylish. It does not matter where to apply perfume – body or clothes. You can spray or apply perfume to your body and clothes. The matter is how stay perfume lasts longer on your body or cloth?

Don’t spray perfume on sweating parts of your body like underarms, waistline, or any other body part which produces more sweat. Clothing fibres are more able to hold in scents for a very long time even after washing them. There are many types of body perfume available in the market based on fresh, oriental, floral, woody, and orange blossom perfumes. So come to the point, we should spray perfume on the following part of the body. Especially, on the “pulse points”. They are locations on the body where the blood vessels are closest to the skin.

On Your Wrists

Most people spray perfume on their wrists so others can smell it easily and it is also a “pulse point”. You should not spritz and rub your wrists together after applying the perfume.

The base of the Throat and Behind Ear

These are good spots to spray perfume because the “pulse point” is here. Perfume stays a long time at this place because this place is oilier than the lobes. It also has oil that tends to hold on to perfume better and helps it to diffuse for longer.

Your Elbows and Shoulder

The inner elbow spot is the most prominent area of “pulse point” to spray perfume. Some people don’t like to apply perfume to joints but perfumes smell better in this area.

Chest and Below Your Midkiff

The young generation loves to apply perfume on the chest. Especially when they go to meet their beloved one. This area is close to your nose and for someone who hugs or meets you.

Behind Knee

Your knees are the soft area and another one of those pulse points that are perfect for perfume spray. If you are wearing a summer dress, the scent will kick up as you cross your legs & move around.

Calves and Ankles

As you can apply perfume anywhere on the body or cloths. So, do not restrict using perfume on the upper body, use it to your ankles and calves as well. If you wear small dresses, the fragrance stay lasts longer.

So these are the points of the body where you can apply perfume. If you want to share, where do you love to apply perfume regularly?

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