Who Is the Australian Furniture Removers Association?

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Who Is the Australian Furniture Removers Association?

Did you know that many people consider moving to be more stressful than getting married?

No wonder! It usually accompanies another big life event, such as a new job. Plus, you have all the turmoil of finding a new place to live and packing up all your belongings. Then, you cross your fingers and hope they all make it to your new home in one piece.

Hiring removers can help. How do you know you can trust them, however? By hiring removers that are accredited by the Australian Furniture Removers Association. Learn about who is the Australian furniture removers association.

Who Is AFRA?

The Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) is an organization made up of removals industry experts. They thoroughly investigate and accredit removals companies all across Australia.

The organization is so well-respected that government departments chat with its leaders before making any decisions about the industry.

AFRA does all the digging and investigation on removals companies so you don’t have to. Plus, with all their industry knowledge, they do a far better job than you ever could anyway.

From training programs for employees to proper, well-maintained equipment to protocol for dispute resolution, AFRA has guidelines for everything. They only accredit companies that meet or exceed their expectations.

Benefits of Using an Accredited Removalist

You get more than just peace of mind when you hire an accredited removals company, there are many helpful benefits. Check out a few of them here!

Trustworthy People

Moving day is only one piece of the puzzle. In many ways, it’s actually a small piece. Packing and unpacking take far longer than moving.

Hiring removers to help with the packing and unpacking is a great way to relieve the stress and speed the work along. But trusting them with your belongings can make anyone a little nervous.

Hiring an AFRA accredited company means you can rest assured that the people coming into your home have been fully checked out. Not only do they have the proper training for the job, but also they can be trusted with your belongings.

Proper Equipment

AFRA conducts regular audits to ensure that member companies are staying current. They must have all the proper equipment needed for all types of removals. For example, a removals company that doesn’t have the proper equipment for moving pianos won’t be accepted.

Furthermore, that equipment must be fully maintained and in good working order.

Dispute Resolution

All companies accredited by AFRA have impeccable customer service. However, if a dispute should arise, there is a built-in moderator. AFRA will step in as an impartial 3rd party to help settle the matter.


Every effort is made to ensure that nothing happens to your possessions while being handled by an AFRA accredited removals company. But if something unexpected does happen, AFRA ensures that all the appropriate insurances are in place to cover the loss.

Ready to Move?

Check to make sure your removals company is AFRA accredited. This is the number one way to ensure that you make the right choice when hiring a removals company.

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