Why Are Retractable Roof Systems & Awnings Preferred?

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Why Are Retractable Roof Systems & Awnings Preferred?

Every homeowner and business would want to shield their property from the outer elements and provide shade over their doorway, balcony, verandah or shop window. Retractable roof systems and awnings are highly sought after by homeowners and businesses to accomplish these goals. Why are retractable roof systems & awnings preferred?

What Is A Retractable Roof System?

A retractable roof system lets you open the roof, which will roll back the central roof covering. The sheet of the retractable roof is made using PVC-coated, waterproof polyester fabric. A lightweight track system and aluminium frame facilitate the roof to extend or retract. When stretching the retractable roof, the fabric material remains under strain, enabling it to become strong and withstand high winds. And when it retracts, it evenly folds along the side rails and then perfectly stacks beneath a protective cover.

What Is An Awning?

An awning comprises a canvas sheet or other material extended on a frame and fixed to the exterior building wall to provide shade and shelter over a patio, door or window. Furthermore, an awning can add to the visual appeal of a building. Here are the reasons that make retractable roof systems and awnings the preferred choice among homeowners and businesses:

#1. Stretches Your Living Area!

Retractable roof systems and awnings can stretch your living space outdoors by providing a convenient shaded outdoor living space where you can get cosy and relax with your family and friends. They are available in diverse styles, designs, materials and colour choices.

  • A stylish side awning can safeguard against sunlight, side winds and curious neighbours.
  • The belt-driven pleated-patio system renders shade and shelter protection all year round.

#2. Your Property Gets All-Weather Covering

You don’t have to worry about wet weather! Retractable roof systems and awnings are waterproof. An integrated guttering system drains the water and makes the roof fully watertight even during heavy downpours. It lets you use your outdoor space in any weather. Sydney weather remains very dry during the summer months, with infrequent hot spells that could continue over three days. Hot weather can cause fittings, furniture and fabrics to fade or even contract. Retractable roof systems and awnings will shield your sensitive fitting materials from harm and uphold them in good condition year after year.

#3. Substantial Energy Savings

Retractable roof systems and awnings render the home with brilliant insulation against heat.

Per the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association – Fabric awnings and exterior shades can assist homeowners cut down their cooling costs by over 50%. They help cut down the load on air conditioners during blazing summer months. When many homeowners in the community reduce their energy intake by installing retractable roof systems and awnings, collective demand for energy use at peak use periods falls, leading to overall savings in energy. It is a much-needed relief because power companies have to burn lesser fossil fuels with a corresponding drop-off in carbon emissions.

#4. Extends the Roof with Only A Push of A Button

Nowadays, retractable roofs come with built-in modern remote control mechanisms that automate the system allowing it to open and close. For instance: When the sun is fierce and shines brightly, the fabric of the retractable patio roof remain retracted while you’re enjoying warm sun rays, and when the weather changes abruptly and gets worse, you can extend the roof with only a push of a button without leaving your patio.

#5. You Can Equip Your Outdoor Space with Mood Lighting

Do you want to create a warm and cosy ambience for your outdoors so you can use the space at night and for entertainment purposes? The retractable patio roof is capable. A retractable patio roof is also available with optional high-power LED lighting systems. Furthermore, it provides shelter against UV rays, making it appropriate for use in both cities and coastal regions.

#6. Boost the Value of Your Home

A clever way to boost the overall value of your property without engaging in prolonged, costly home renovations is by installing a retractable roof or awning. It will help you create more living space and a trendy entertaining area and add value to your home. You can increase the value of your home by using outdoor blinds which give a totally different look to your home.

#7. Very Durable Roof Materials

The retractable roof systems and awnings are made in Australia using superior stainless steel, powder-coated aluminium and durable weather-proof fabrics. Only high-quality, industrial-grade materials are used that can withstand the harsh Australian weather.

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