Why Are Some People Colder Then Others?

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Why Are Some People Colder Then Others?

Experts answer this mysterious question.

Do you always feel colder or hotter than others in the room? Have you just come to believe that’s it’s just you; you experience temperature differently from others!

The great temperature debate is a familiar phenomenon in homes and offices everywhere around the globe – but why? Why is that your boyfriend/husband is experiencing boiling-point temperature and you are just comfortable, slightly cold or worse shivering in three layers at exactly the same temperature it seems.

How do we all experience temperature so differently. Our bodies regulate temperature. Humans are ‘homothermic’, our body temperatures can vary wildly, as a you can learn from this remarkable D News video.

Temperature regulation starts in the brain. The hypothalamus is the part of the brain that produces hormones that regulate internal temperature. The receptors in your brain help you regulate internal temperature; it’s the receptors in the skin that help you detect the room temperature.

Most people think that the normal human temperature is 37 degrees Celsius, but the truth is that people have different ‘normal’ temperatures. Other factors are at play. It’s not just to do with your weight and size, but also your age, gender, diet, and sleep patterns, lifestyle and even your happiness.

Hot flashes and chills could indicate poor health

Feeling always cold while others feel warm could be an indicator of poor health. HealthBlurbs reports some of these issues are often unnoticed, such as anaemia, malnutrition, infection, weight issues, and even silent thyroiditis.

Regular health checks are important and talk to your doctor about your feelings about uncomfortable cold or hot temperature experiences.

Stress affects our body temperature

Your hypothalamus is supposed to regulate your body temperature; stress can throw it out of whack. If you are stressed your nervous system kicks in, causing blood to move toward your body’s core organs which causes temperature to rise. This is your body’s flight response.

Your Gender

Have you noticed your man is always warmer than you? Unfair I know, but women are more sensitive to the surrounding temperature than man. Why? Women are typically smaller than men; usually have more surface area exposed to the environment.

Men tend to have more muscle mass and women more fat. The working of muscle generates heat, while fat cells store it. The time of the month can come into play too. Researchers at the University of Utah found that men’s hands were 32.3C on average; while women’s were 30.7C. The menstrual cycle can alter a woman’s body temperature by several degrees.

Your Happiness may affect body temperature

Apparently, our emotional state will affect how our body reads outside temperature. A Canadian study found that people who are lonely or feel isolated are more aware of a cold body temperature while socially connected people tend to feel warmer.

How can we possibly fix this?

There are a few ways we can stop feeling cold or hot by looking at clothes we wear and the food we eat.

Certain foods in different climates will help our internal balance of hot and cold take place. Eat soups and carbohydrates to stay warm during wintertime. Veggies and green should help you say cooler during the summer hotter days.

Setting your thermostat between 20-24 degrees Celsius will also help maintain the perfect temperature for the average person. The most important of them all is to use the power of your mind. It’s not just about being physically hot, it’s also our perception of temperature. Apparently, visualising warmer places like tropic paradises is actually proven to release chemical endorphins that assist maintaining body heat.


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