Why Concrete Is the Next Big Thing in Interior Design

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Why Concrete Is the Next Big Thing in Interior Design

Subtle and understated, concrete has become the ultimate expression of modern elegance in interior design. Yet, despite its simplicity, it offers a world of mesmerising design opportunities, ranging from authentic statements to enticing decorative details. As such, it has become one of the most popular materials on the design scene, and it seems that it will continue to enjoy its high-style status for years to come. Why concrete is the next big thing in interior design.

It’s easy to maintain

Concrete is a low-maintenance yet highly durable material that will provide your home with long-lasting appeal. Unlike other materials, concrete can be cleaned and maintained with a simple, non-abrasive cleaner. The initial installation of concrete to your space entails adequate staining, sealing and polishing. If these steps are properly done, you won’t have to worry about its weathering.

It has an understated look

Why Concrete Is the Next Big Thing in Interior Design

What makes concrete so versatile is its understated look that can fit into almost any design style. Since it typically features a lovely matte grey finish, it can be paired with different colour schemes, creating an ambience that exudes effortless beauty. Nonetheless, concrete is particularly popular in modern and contemporary homes which focus on simplicity, minimalism and elegance. Whether you use it for your walls, floors or decorative items, concrete will certainly create a subdued, yet bold effect in your home.

It will give your home an industrial flair

Industrial design has a special place for concrete, using it to capture the atmosphere of old industrial warehouses and factories. In such a setting, concrete is used to create a rugged look, especially when combined with wood, brick and exposed pipes. Therefore, if you want to create an industrial look in your home, you can use concrete for accent details and statement pieces. Concrete walls and floors are the distinctive features of industrial design. However, if you want to add just a touch of an industrial vibe to your space, you can use concrete for a single accent wall that will create visual interest.

It will bring in texture and style

The simple and understated appeal of concrete allows its texture to take the centre stage. If you want to accentuate the texture of concrete in your home, you should create a contrast with other materials and hues. For instance, warm wood hues and its smooth texture can truly emphasise the rough texture of concrete. Furthermore, you can introduce stunning decorative concrete features for a wow effect in your home. You can find concrete in different colours and styles that will match your individual taste. This is a popular flooring solution that will create authentic yet subtle appeal and elevate your home décor.

It can work as a stunning focal point

Why Concrete Is the Next Big Thing in Interior Design

Even a single concrete feature can work as a mesmerising focal point in your home. In contemporary dwellings, it can be used for sleek fireplaces, accent walls, kitchen islands, coffee tables and other conspicuous details. Despite its subtle look, a concrete focal point will instantly style up a space and add visual weight, especially when juxtaposed with contrasting colours and materials.

It can reinvent old pieces

As already mentioned, concrete is a versatile material that has a wide application in interior design. There are plenty of creative design ideas for using concrete that will give your old pieces a new look. If you have an old bathroom vanity in desperate need of an uplift, you can use concrete to give it a stunning flair. All you need to do is cover it with a concrete top and your bathroom will instantly gain an industrial vibe. You can also use concrete tops to reinvent your kitchen island or counters, or an old office desk.

It can create new decorations

Since concrete is actually a building material, you can use it to create brand-new pieces and decorations that will create an ambience of authenticity. For example, you can use a cardboard box mould to design lovely planters for your cute succulents. Geometric concrete bookends are also a great way to add a touch of rugged beauty to your space. If you want to go big and bold, you can use concrete to design your own side tables or chic concrete pendants. These enchanting ideas will help you introduce a beautiful shade of grey to your home.

Owing to its understated yet mesmerising appeal, concrete has gained great popularity in interior design. From statement walls to subtle decorations, concrete opens up a world of creative options.


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