Why Is It Important To Pick The Right Kitchen Sink Taps?

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Why Is It Important To Pick The Right Kitchen Sink Taps?

The sink is the busiest space in your kitchen – it’s not only an access point for water needed for food preparation and drinking but also a place where dirty dishes and utensils gather so they can be washed clean. Besides, it’s also one of the important kitchen design points that can create an element of interest to space.

The kitchen sink taps you select needs to be functional – facilitating handy use, harmonise the water layout at your sink and gel with your kitchen style. Here are the key things that you need to take care when selecting sink taps for your kitchen. Let’s see why is it important to pick the right kitchen sink taps…

Give Prominence to Function Not Looks

Well, in most of the newly built kitchens, as well as, kitchen renovations, you’ll spot mixer taps for the sink. Why? That’s because the lever makes it extremely easy to turn ON and OFF when prepping food. If the water points enter through the wall above the sink, your local plumber will be able to reposition them underneath the sink to fit with mixer tap.

Taps with metallic or chrome finish look wonderful. Though matte black and white mixers give fabulous look when installed brand new; with usage, they tend to display marks through wear and tear. However, if you want to buy a black mixer tap, then select an electroplated mixer.

Do You Prefer Wall Mounted or Bench Mounted Mixer Taps?

It’s vital to select the fitting tap to match the right configuration of water connections at your sink. A modern kitchen renovation will have the water points positioned under the sink, which is perfect for a kitchen mixer tap. A wall-mounted hot and cold taps or wall mixer will need to be installed if the water points come through the wall located over the sink.

Ensure Your Mixer Tap’s Lever Won’t Strike Nearby Walls or the Splashback

Kitchen mixers come in a variety of designs, but it’s best to pick a mixer tap where the lever can be set up away from the wall in case your kitchen sink has a splashback. Ensure you’re able to properly manoeuvre your mixer tap’s handle as required and that the wall doesn’t become a hindrance.

Is There Proper Bench Support for Your Selected Mixer?

In modern kitchens, veggie spray mixer taps are commonly seen, which has become a trend-setter. They facilitate ease of use when cleaning dishes or spraying on vegetables and fruits, and they make a design statement as well.

If the mixer taps are heavy, then they will need additional support beneath to hold the extra weight. This style of mixer tap will go well with the benchtop rather than the sink mount.


Before buying kitchen tap, it’s important to know the warranty it carries and for how long. Most of the modern kitchen mixers come with a one year warranty for parts and labour. After the warranty period, you’ll have to bear the expenses to repair the tap. To repair your kitchen mixer tap, you can also call a 24-hour plumber.

The Bottom Line

Buying the right mixer taps for your kitchen sink is a matter of personal choice. However, you need to ensure that the mixer tap is convenient, functional and blends with your kitchen style.

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