Why it is necessary to call pest inspection before moving in

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Why it is necessary to call pest inspection before moving in

The spring has just begun and the temperatures are rising. With the higher temperatures, we feel much better and we are ready to come out of our homes and enjoy. However, we are not the only ones to do so. Namely, termites and all of the other insufferable creatures decide that it’s time for them to come out as well. Here are the reasons why you should call pest inspection right now, before you move in, and solve the problem with these insects.  This is why it is necessary to call pest inspection before moving in.

You risk having the infestation of pests increased 

If you haven’t lived in a space, it’s normal that there are some bugs. A random cockroach or even a rat could show up there. It may seem that this isn’t such a huge issue. However, one or two of these creatures are enough for a whole infestation to happen. These creatures multiply rapidly and before you know it, they could be everywhere. 

It won’t take more than a couple of months for them to multiply and they could make your life worse in many ways. As soon as you move in, the house will become more comfortable both for you and for the pests. The warm air and the smell of food will just further attract them. For that reason, a pest inspection is the best thing to do before moving into the new home. If you do this, you’ll be sure that you’re moving into a clean and safe house.

You risk property getting damaged 

Rodents, termites, and bugs aren’t just a threat to the quality of your life. They are a huge threat to your house as well. Termites usually feed on wood which means that your floors, doors, and furniture items could all end up having holes in them. Pests could feed on the paper, which means that your home library won’t be spared either. 

They also like to nest inside food grains, which means that they could take over every part of your home. To save your clothes, furniture items, books, and groceries, make sure to address this problem before moving in. It is a smart investment to solve this issue before it escalates, considering all the consequences in such a situation. 

You risk developing health infections and diseases

Besides being a threat to your home, rodents and insects are a huge threat to your health as well. You and your family are under a great risk of developing serious health infections and diseases if you don’t address this problem on time. This is a reason more to call pest control in Gold Coast and do what’s best for you and your loved ones. The environment you live in is extremely important and you should treat it as such. 

Having these creatures in the space you live in isn’t really hygienic. If the rodents contaminate the food and water, both people and animals in the house risk developing an infection. Your body could be allergic to a certain bug which could make the matter worse in many ways. The bedbugs aren’t safe either. They hide under the bed, sofa, carpet, or a mattress looking for warmth and food, which they find on human and animal blood.

You could lose a lot of money 

Finally, if calling pest inspection seems expensive to you, think again. You could actually lose a lot more of your money if you don’t call them. Namely, all of the previous reasons show just how important pest inspection is. Any of the said issues can be caused by rodents and insects. If the pest infestation grows, you could spend too much money on solving the problem you could’ve otherwise avoided. 

If your property gets damaged, you’ll need to spend money on pest control, but also on fixing the damaged pieces of furniture or clothing. You might even have to buy new things, which is the last thing you want to do after just a couple of months in a new home. If your health deteriorates, you’ll have to pay doctors and medicines as well. All things considered, a pest inspection on time saves you a lot of time, nerves, and money.

Deal with pests on your own as well

There is nothing like professionals when it comes to problem-solving. However, there are the things that you can do on your own to further solve the issue with pests. For instance, you could and you should clean the house thoroughly. By cleaning the house and the yard really well, you decrease the chances of these nasty creatures ever showing up.  

If there are any entry points, make sure to seal them up or reinforce the already existing barriers. Make sure to inspect your roof and attic crawl space and fix them if something’s wrong. All of the tree limbs next to the house should be trimmed. Finally, every item should be checked before you bring it inside. 

Pests can be really horrible. If you’re about to move into your new place, don’t forget to check the space and see if there are any of these nasty creatures. Even if you don’t find anything suspicious, you should still act as the problem exists. This will save you a lot of time and money in the future.


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