Why Second-Hand Caravan Is Worth Buying

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Why Second-Hand Caravan Is Worth Buying

Many first-time caravan buyers fail to pick the right caravan to suit their particular needs. That’s because most of the aspirant caravanners are drawn towards style, condition or cost of used caravans and make an incorrect buying decision the first time itself. Thus, they end up changing their first caravan within a year or so. If you’re a first-time caravan buyer, then this guide is for you. If you’re on a tight budget but still want to experience caravanning adventure, investing in second-hand caravan makes good sense. So let’s explore the possibilities of buying a second-hand caravan and why a second-hand caravan is worth buying.

Buying a Caravan – Ask Yourself Some Important Questions

How Much Can You Afford?

Buying with cash is simple, but when you want to buy caravan using a finance plan, it gets complex. You’ll find good finance deals online at a display show or through a dealership. Let’s look at some options for evaluation. First, work out what monthly payments you can afford to know which finance package will suit you. Next, multiply that base with 36 months (i.e. 3 years) or 60 months (i.e. 5 years). Also, you need to consider interest payouts unless you enjoy a zero (0%) finance deal, your total buying power isn’t a simple “months – times – payments” calculation, but you also need to facilitate admin charges.

Do You Prefer Cash Payment Or Finance?

If you have sufficient funds, then you can straightaway purchase your desired caravan for cash. However, if you don’t have enough cash, then you’ll have to depend on finance. The good thing about finance is that you don’t have to wait till you have sufficient cash and that you can buy now and pay later.

Now, the dealerships have come up with something like “We can customise every caravan purchase as per buyer’s convenience” or “We create every deal on its virtues” and then add something like this – “We don’t differentiate one way or the other between credit and cash buyers”.

When Should You Buy a Caravan?

Well, knowing when to buy a caravan is significant because you can get your dream caravan at a fantastic price when you buy it, at an opportune time. Typically, you will find fabulous offers at the end of the summer season because the dealers across the country make space for next year’s models, which they anticipate arriving in autumn. Clearing their existing stock will assist them to move their old stock in return for a better deal or price.

So Should You Buy A New Or Used Caravan?

Should you look at used caravan, nearly-new or brand new caravans? While newer caravan models will integrate all the newest bells and whistles, buying used caravans you can enjoy and have fun for less price. Find used caravans that have been used for long but with proper maintenance and care – that means you need to check the equipment specifically for damp ingress.

Buying a Caravan Privately or from Dealership

You can make substantial savings by purchasing from a private seller. Nevertheless, keep in mind – as savings increase, risks also increase. A glance at the below information to make an informed decision:

Major Benefits of Buying Used Caravan Privately

  • When you buy second-hand caravan privately from an individual or previous caravan owner, depending on how old the model is (how many years the previous caravan owner have used it) you can save anywhere from 20% to 57% against its newer variant. And you could save around 11 to 21% against used caravan models available at dealerships.
  • Another good reason is you may find a particular caravan you’re looking for, which you may not find at dealerships.
  • You would be able to meet the owner of the caravan and quickly guess what type of person he/she is and how he/she would have cared for the caravan.

Major Benefits of Buying Used Caravan from a Dealership

When you buy a second-hand caravan from an established dealership, you can be certain of that –

  • They have inspected the caravan for any finance dues or if it’s stolen or not.
  • They will showcase caravan’s right manufacture year.
  • You’ll be paying the market price.
  • You’ll get a warranty for a certain period.
  • With selected caravan models, you’ll also get free starter packs offered by many dealers.
  • Above everything, dealers provide many useful tips and advice.

The Bottom Line

Well, a second-hand caravan is worth buying if you buy from a reputable and established dealership as you’ll get complete peace of mind.


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