Why should you use dentures- the advantages

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Why should you use dentures- the advantages

Dentures or artificial teeth are designed to replace missing teeth. These dentures can be designed to replace the entire set of teeth or partial teeth. Dentures have been a go-to treatment for missing teeth to help maintain the facial muscle structure. A professional and experienced team of dental technicians and prosthetic experts such as Complete Denture Care in Wantirna, Australia, can design dentures that are comfortable, functional and attractive.

Although dentures are a common solution for missing teeth; many individuals shy away from using them. The reasons can be; discomfort or the unrealistic appeal of the dentures. Although advanced dentistry has made these issues redundant. Why should you use dentures – the advantages.

Here are a Few Advantages that you Gain After Getting Dentures


They improve self-confidence since you can smile without worrying about the missing teeth being exposed. A smile has a positive psychological effect on both, the person smiling and the one who sees the smile

Freedom to eat

Dentures are not meant to be only as an aesthetic replacement of your teeth. They are primarily designed for chewing and offers the freedom to eat anything that wasn’t possible with missing or no teeth

Clear speech

Teeth placement and the tongue movement together create a speech. Missing teeth can alter the speech and the way you talk. Dentures can ensure you have a clear conversation without getting conscious about the way you speak

Oral and Facial Health

Another function of teeth that dentures can replace is the support to facial muscles and structures and decrease in oral bone loss. If you have partial teeth or missing teeth, it can get cause bacteria, tooth decay, gum diseases and cavities. The facial muscles can start sagging in case of missing teeth

Cost-effective solutions

Dentures are an economical tooth replacement solution over expensive implants

Types of Dentures



Dentures are mainly divided into two categories:

1> Partial Dentures

These are designed to replace only missing teeth and are attached to a gum-coloured plastic base. They are created to match the colour of the teeth set. In several cases, a metal framework or acrylic dentures are used to fit snuggly inside the mouth.

2> Full Dentures

These are suggested if you have only a few or no teeth left. A full denture can also be suggested by a dentist in case of extraction due to decay or lose teeth. For natural teeth that are in healthy condition, a full denture that fits over them can be created. There are options for using acrylic dentures or flexible nylon dentures.

How to choose a Dental Care service?

If you plan to get a full or partial denture, there are a few things you should check before selecting a dental care clinic. Check if they:

  • Have an experienced doctor and expert on board. Check the reviews of the clinic from patients that have got their dentures done previously from there
  • Offer various options for dentures and have advanced prosthodontic expertise to ensure that the dentures don’t look fake
  • Provide repair and relining options for the dentures
  • Guarantee the durability of dentures that can last at least for 5 years
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