Why Women Should Travel

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Why Women Should Travel

Travelling might seem inherently dangerous, especially, when you are a young woman travelling alone. There are times when danger is around even on a trip down to your local shopping centre. Travelling abroad only changes that danger to a different landscape and language.

There is nothing better than travelling to really find out who you are. Travelling gives you perspective, introspective and intuitive intelligence. It makes you understand how immensely small you are in relation to the whole world and how very capable you can be at surviving obstacles you couldn’t fathom before. Sometimes the only way  to learn about the world is to be out in it.

It’s your curiosity, your will to make it through another day, to exist despite the many challenges you encounter, and the ability to find beauty and happiness in the simplest things around you that creates personal growth.

Travelling, real travelling isn’t the kind where you have a luxurious hotel room awaiting you at your destination, where you are driven around shielded from the real experience of the world you just set foot in. Real travelling consists of throwing or immersing yourself in the country you chose to visit, where your money is only enough for small comforts, like food and a humble bed for the night. Where luxury comes in the form of experiencing the country, the people and the food.

Too often women who love travel are perceived as flaky, flighty who can’t settle down. This is far from the truth, travelling teaches you life lessons that might otherwise take longer to learn. Perhaps a bit too late, as you have already made commitments you can’t walk away from without hurting a bunch of people.

A woman who has travelled has learned several aspects about life and herself and nothing small is going to break her. Once she commits to settle down, she won’t feel compelled to uproot because she has already gone out there and seen what the independent, carefree lifestyle is like. Once she commits she does it wholeheartedly without any doubts about herself or the new venture she’s about to embark.

Through her travels she will be exposed to a lot of characters and she will quickly learn to sifter through them. Judging people for who they really are. Everywhere she goes now she trusts her instincts and because she is confident now she knows she is capable of handling almost any situation. This is such a powerful thing to give yourself as a woman.

Travelling shows you the best and the worst of both the world around you and of yourself. As an individual you have embraced and come to accept that both the world and you are not perfect. Realising both you and the world have strengths,weaknesses, beauty and inelegance that are a constant and the lesson to be learned is in how to balance them harmoniously.

If anything travelling will equip any woman with the following insight: -the ups and downs of life are just another journey. A journey in which we choose who we like to share it with.

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