Why Would You Hire A Separation Lawyer?

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Why Would You Hire A Separation Lawyer?

We know separation can become an extremely traumatic experience for everyone. If you are considering separation shortly or are already separated from your spouse the best way would be to hire an experienced separation lawyer who can guide and give you all legal aids and possible solutions. Separation lawyers can also guide you about your rights and entitlements in family law.

Most people don’t understand where and when to start the legal process of separation. Seeking early advice from the separation lawyer will help you with tips to protect your finances and claim to child custody. Early advice can save you from facing bigger legal problems in the future and you can save your legal fees by settling the case outside of the court. Property, finances, children, emotions everything related to separation is vulnerable and you cannot take the proper decision due to mental stress during this stage. In such a delicate situation, the best thing would be to protect yourself and safeguard your family’s interests and entitlements by seeking a separation lawyer.

If your marriage is broken down and you have been separated for 12 months or more from your spouse with no chance of reconciliation, then you can easily apply for a divorce.

What Is The Process For Divorce?

  • Divorce is a legal process to formally end the marriage and your relationship with your spouse. After a divorce, you can legally separate from your spouse. The divorce process is often quite forthright matter, however, due to property settlements and parenting arrangements it can become complicated.

  • To get a divorce, a spouse needs to confirm that he/she has been separated from the spouse for at least 12 months and they have no further chance of settlement. If they have reconciled with their spouse for three months or more, the 12 month period resets. However, there are different law regarding divorce in different states and you need to follow the legal procedures of your country.

Separation Lawyer

  • If both the partners are separated but still live in the same house (a situation that often occurs where parents get separate but still want to care for their children together while they finalize their living arrangements)  then you need to prove that the separation is a genuine one.

  • Divorce requires the court to make an order. It usually requires both the partner’s attendance in court. A divorce order typically takes around four months to finalize from your first meeting until the court order is made.

  • The ex-partner cannot resist an application for divorce except in specific circumstances, such as a difference in the date of separation. Anyone who wishes to remarry needs to ensure that they have allowed sufficient time for their divorce to finalize.

  • Divorce under the Family Law Act is on a no-fault basis – the only ground is that the marriage has permanently broken down which is then evidence by minimizing of 12 months separation before the application for divorce is filed.

  • Courts can refuse to make a divorce order counting if it is not satisfied with the care and financial support of children. In this case, a separation lawyer can help you to claim your child’s custody.

Divorces are quite common nowadays. However, It’s still a quite difficult period for many married couples. When you are going through divorce, the best separation lawyer can guide you with procedures, rules, and regulations. Having a good separation lawyer on your side will make the process easy for you.

Being equipped with legal information, rights and obligations a separate lawyer can help you to make the right decision and avoid situations that can harm your settlement. Seek advice from a separation lawyer as soon as possible.


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