Women Reveal How They Feel About Their Boobs

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Women Reveal How They Feel About Their Boobs

If you are a guy, there is absolutely nothing more amazing than boobs. Some guys like big boobs and other like them small but what is shared among all guys is that boobs regardless of size are great. Guys get only reminded that boobs exist when they see or feel a pair. They are fun, soft and almost the epitome of femininity.

Women, however, have a very different take on boobs, they have to live with breasts their entire life. For some women having breast that are voluptuous can cause some  health problems. Other women with petite boobs become obsessed with having breast enlargement. A side of the story many man are not aware of.

The video below by Buzzfeed entitled  ’11 Startling Boob Confessions’ voices women talking about how they feel about their boobs. It shares secrets women have revealed about their boobs through Whisper, the secret-sharing app. So watch and listen on women’s perspective of the funbags that man derive so much viewing pleasure from. All is not as it seems…..


There is so much to know about breasts there are at least 15 things you should know about breasts.

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