Women Style Icons Who Changed Fashion

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Women Style Icons Who Changed Fashion

Fashion is constantly evolving, thanks to style icons that push the envelope and are brave enough to set their own course. Their fashion choices created iconic looks that continue to inspire us or are changing the fashion industry even as we speak. Read on to see some of the most famous female style icons from politics, fashion, and entertainment and how to get the look yourself. These are some of the women style icons who changed fashion:

1. Jackie Kennedy

Better known as Jackie O, this former First Lady crafted a timeless style that is still revered to this day. The “Jackie” featured simple shift dresses, elegant white gloves and pillbox hats, and her trademark sunglasses. Off duty, she rocked an effortless look that stuck to mostly basics and classics, like trench coats, head scarfs, wide-legged pants, and loafers for a simple and natural sophistication that so many have since tried to emulate.



2. Audrey Hepburn

Audrey’s infamous style is truly iconic, and the subject of many Halloween costumes, theme parties, and cult followings. Her most famous and recognizable look is from the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” scene. With the black sleeveless dress, stunning updo, sassy shades, and long black gloves, but this was just the tip of the iceberg. Women across the globe revered the actress’ chic style and classical elfin beauty, not to mention her trademark ballet flats, her flawless buns and bangs, and tailored pantsuits.

Audrey Hepburn

3. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe undeniably changed the fashion industry, and many would argue for the better. At a time when willowy, sleek silhouettes were all the rage, Marilyn rocked the boat with her curves and loud sex appeal. She made it acceptable to have a shape, and to flaunt it: no matter what she wore, Marilyn made sure it highlighted her curves and her extravagant style. Bright lipsticks, sequins, fur, skin-tight dresses—nothing was too over the top for Marilyn and the Blonde Bombshell look she had so carefully cultivated.

Marilyn Monroe

4. Kate Moss

One of the most famous models yet, Kate Moss created a cult following with her rocker slash model style and her iconic tousled blonde hair and a sultry smile. With an eye for designer vintage pieces and a trend towards the outrageous (remember the gold turban she wore to the Met gala?), this Queen of the Skinny Jeans never disappoints her fans and always manages to look incredible.

5. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, the ultimate game changer. Widely criticized, mocked, and disregarded, Kim has always managed to pull through and rock the fashion world. With her dark Armenian looks and extremely curvaceous body, Kim has helped change our perception of sexy. Her signature look is an impossibly tight pencil skirt with a matching tank, sky-high stilettos, and makeup on fleek. This media mogul eschews normal beauty and fashion standards and, along with her sisters, has created an achievable look that is much more reflective of modern body types (aside from that famous, Champagne-popping booty—the jury is still out on whether it’s real or not).

Kim Kardashian


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