Women’s Sex Fantasies.

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Women’s Sex Fantasies.

It was believed until 1973, that only men had sexual fantasies. You are very foolish to still believe this to be true. Women enjoy sex and fantasizing as much as men. Women dream up pretty saucy fantasies many of which unexpectedly raunchy and risqué.

Fantasy is a sexy thought that pops in your head and though it might seem crazy, wild and uncontrollable is an extension of your desires. The nature of fantasies is that they push boundaries and help you explore your desires.

These fantasies you and I have, sometimes go further than what we would feel comfortable with in reality, but that is exactly why they’re called fantasies. Fantasies are fantasies because they are not reality; they are often taboo or rub up against social barriers.

Below is a list of fantasies that women have and it covers everything from fetish to threesomes.

1.    Dominance

Women fantasise about being dominant in the bedroom. Women want their bodies worshipped, call the shots and be begged for more. This desire combines both the desire for being wanted, for power and control. This fantasy focuses on the woman receiving the pleasure and the man giving to her without question.

Female sexuality is often overshadowing by man’s desire for sex, so it’s natural that women fantasize about being the most important person in their fantasies.

2.    Submission

This is a common fantasy among women, where they give in to the desire of a dominant man, to BDSM, to sexual assault, to rape. Why is this then such a turn on for certain women? There are three explanations according to YouTuber and public sex educator, Laci Green. First it could be the internalization of the power dynamics between the sexes, or an extension of how our culture eroticises aggression and violence, and finally it could simply be a guilt mechanism.

Women do not want to be rapped, sexually assaulted or give up control. ‘Sex and life run on separate tracks’, says Linda Alperstein, a sex therapist from San Francisco. In a submissive fantasy a woman wants and chooses to be relinquish control. The world of fantasy is totally separate from the world of reality.

3.   Voyeurism or exhibitionism

Women fantasise about being watched, whether it be a crowd at a nightclub or making home porn to watch later. This is about the adrenaline rush that comes out of the fear of being caught in the act.

Exhibition sex can provide a huge ego boost. Dr. Drew Ramsey, a psychiatrist at Columbia University Medical Center, says that ‘ there’s a sense that can be derived from seducing someone at a distance. This fantasy revolves about being in control of someone else’s pleasure.

4. Role-Playing

Role-playing can involve re-enacting or playing at being someone else and might or not include dressing up for the role. Role-playing includes submission and dominance, it’s about taking a relationship between two people where one has more power than the other, examples of these role plays are; nurse and patient, cop and criminal, teacher and student. Anticipation, the build up that both of you create for a role-play sets the mood, atmosphere and heightens the excitement and pleasure.

5.    Atypical One-on-One Session

Women fantasise about having sex with a celebrity, an ex, or a complete stranger. These fantasies are just that exactly and women don’t necessarily act on them. As Dr. Joyce Brothers eloquently puts it: ‘this is a perfectly way to add variety to sex’ since it spices things up without messing up the monogamy, as long as it doesn’t lead infidelity. In addition it allows women to do away with guilt and shame about casual sex.

6.    Group Sex

Group sex, is appealing because it would literally be very stimulating. Multiple hands would be touching you all over, in all of your erotic zones, whether the hands are those of strangers or of other women to whom you’re not normally attracted.

About 15% of women fantasize about group sex, which means it seems to offer the greatest division between emotions and pleasure.

It’s a widely accepted idea that women need to feel emotions towards someone to have sex with them. However, since a woman is probably not going to be in love with everyone she’s having an orgy with, this fantasy breaks that accepted stereotype.

Women like sex and have surprisingly extremely risqué fantasies that were not thought to be part of women’s sexuality. Women like men enjoy sex and are just as willing to experiment with different possibilities in the realm of fantasy to expand on their sexuality.

Watch Laci Green sum it all up in the video below:


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