Wonder Woman – New Superhero Queen

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Wonder Woman – New Superhero Queen

The new Wonder Woman is a success among critics. Wonder Woman earned a stellar 94% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is the highest rating ever given to a comic book adaptation. The highest, before Wonder Woman, was The Dark Night who earned a 94% approval rating. Here’s a sneak peek of Wonder Woman – New Superhero Queen:

How did this newcomer beat the rest? Many believe Gal Gadot’s fierce performance was the key ingredient to success.

Wonder Woman is a superhero unlike most, she’s strong, fierce and laced with compassion, righteous do-gooder and moral clarity. Wonder Woman simply fights injustice and saves lives.

However, Wonder Woman is also filled with fist fights, slow-motion ninja twirls, magic golden, truth-telling lasso, bullet-deflecting wristlets, and exploding planes. While battling evil, it pauses to ask what evil is and whether it’s important to understand it before they defeat it.

Trained as a warrior by her aunt (Robin Wright), Diana’s destiny takes an unexpected turn when pilot/spy Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crashes his plane offshore, abruptly bringing World War I into their lives.

So far reviews have nothing but praise for the film’s tone as well as Gadot’s performance. Wonder Woman has a balance of humour and gravitas; angst and adventure; full-blown, unvarnished superhero fantasy. It appears Director Patty Jenkins has successfully revived a long-neglected superhero.

feature image: Warner Bros.
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