Work and Play: How Aussie Men Handle 21st Century Stress

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Work and Play: How Aussie Men Handle 21st Century Stress

It’s the 21st century, and a variety of environmental factors increase overall stress levels for men and women. Take men, for example. Their stress levels increase from a work overload with insufficient personal time off, long working hours, lack of support from colleagues, bosses or friends and many more.

When left unattended, high-stress levels can have dire consequences, including burnouts, depression and anxiety. Fortunately, the impact on your health can be reduced by a variety of stress management methods, including:


Our brains respond to stress in a similar manner as our ancient ancestors responded to physical stimulants such as predators, threatening animals and other dangers. However, that is very rarely the case for our modern stressors.

By exercising, you burn off excess energy, tricking your body into thinking that you are responding to physical stressors. Soon, you’ll find your stress seeping away.


Gaming is one of the methods to distract your mind that most Australian men also enjoy.

When you are focusing on reaching specific goals in your games, your mind is less focused on what you were stressing over, replacing your thoughts with those that are more positive and calming.

Healthy Diet

Having balanced meals can go a long way. Certain types of food can increase the level of stress-causing hormones in your body, while others work to produce more hormones that fight stress.

Opt for foods like nuts, avocados and oranges to naturally reduce your stress levels.

Fun with Friends

There’s nothing more relaxing than having fun with friends. Gather your best blokes to hang out with you, organise a day trip somewhere on a weekend or just invite them over for a chat.

You’ll be surprised at how much a short ranting session or an entertaining guys-only night out can relieve your stress and tension!


Aside from being a source of entertainment, music can also work as a distraction that calms and soothes the mind.

This is especially true for certain soundtracks featuring the sounds of nature: waterfalls, rain and the like. Of course, the same effect could be obtained by jamming along to your favourite songs.


Keeping track of your daily life events and your mood can give you a better idea of what causes you to stress and what calms you.

Besides, writing or typing out your thoughts will also distract you from stressful events.


It may be a little difficult to fall asleep immediately with stressful thoughts imminent in your mind. However, just lying down in bed can provide you with an immense sense of relief.

Your body will slowly relax as you drift off to sleep, and you’ll wake up feeling much better than before your nap.

Breathing Exercises

Take deep, slow breaths to lower your heart rate when you feel your muscles tensing up from stress. You can try taking deep breaths to the count of 4-2-4, whereby you inhale for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 2 and exhale slowly for another 4 seconds.

By focusing on relaxing your muscles while you do breathing exercises, you will be able to organise your thoughts better.

Professional Help

In the case of chronic stress disorders, professional help can guide you toward a healthier lifestyle and mindset. Don’t be afraid to seek out therapists or physicians to help you better cope with your stress.

Every action you take towards your better well-being is a step toward a more carefree and happier tomorrow.

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