World Biggest Airports Most Efficient Modes Of Transports

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World Biggest Airports Most Efficient Modes Of Transports

Travelling can be taxing on your body and mind, especially true with long flights. Once you arrive at your destination you want to get out of the airport as fast as you can and get in the heart of the new city’s action. Let’s look at the world biggest airports most efficient modes of transports in an infographic

Because, once your plane lands, another trip begins. You still have to get to your hotel, your client or to your holiday city. For your convenience, lastminute produced a handy guide for finding the cheapest and most time effective ways from getting from some of the world’s busiest airports to the city centre.

Whether you choose a bus, train, Uber or taxi ride, find the cost and time it takes in different types of public transport that will have you exploring your destination as quickly as possible. As you’ll see in the graphic below, taking the train in cities such as London or Sydney is the best option but if you travel to Barcelona, Dubai or Amsterdam is totally worth it to catch a taxi or an Uber.

Nobody wants to waste time once they arrive at their destination so find out which public transport is going to get out of the airport faster at the best cost and time.


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