World Cup 2014 opening ceremony kicked off with splendor

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World Cup 2014 opening ceremony kicked off with splendor

Brazil World Cup officially got underway on Thursday June 12, 2014, at 19:00 Brazil time, with a lavish and colourful opening ceremony, flying symbolic doves in the air at the Corinthians Arena in Sao Paulo. With its final cast featuring JLow, rapper Pitbull and Brazilian popstar Claudia Leitte singing the World Cup’s song ‘we Are One’.


Many Brazilian fans took to the road to chant their support for Brazil but amidst the excitement there was also demonstrations from those unhappy with the expense of hosting the tournament in face of the countries under-funded ailing health and public system. The union leaders called the demonstration off early and everything at the ceremony ran smoothly with only complaints about the sound quality.

Performers dressed in trees, flowers and musical instruments performed in three acts before the central ball on stage opened to reveal singers Claudia Leitte, JLow and rapper Pitbull as they sang the World Cup song ‘We Are One’.

Flower people

Even amongst obvious tech problems, Brazil’s opening ceremony was brilliantly splendid at capturing the diversity of both nature and people. There were tree and flower people dancing and moving at the beat of drums and samba almost reiterating the Carnival Brazil is notorious for.

Tree people

There was also a show on their own brand of martial arts, Capoeira, apparently it came about in the 16th century as the slaves in Brazil were not allowed to carry weapons, for protection they developed this martial arts which is a blend of taekwondo and dance.

Brazil did its best and kicked off its home World Cup with a football-style carnival and  now that all there is left to do is enjoy the soccer fever  – Olé, Olé, Olé .



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