Yoga Melbourne Off The Mat: Practices To Get The Most Out Of Your Yoga Workout

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Yoga Melbourne Off The Mat: Practices To Get The Most Out Of Your Yoga Workout

Here’s a typical story of many practitioners of yoga, Melbourne yogis included. In addition, a Yoga Melbourne off the mat and practices to get the most out of your yoga workout.

You started by trying out just one class. Perhaps you were invited (or maybe dragged) by a friend. Then a few weeks later, you realise that you’re hooked and can’t wait to start or end your day rocking some asanas (poses) and getting some omm-sounds at your favourite health and fitness club. And finally, there comes a point when you say to yourself, “I know that my yoga practice is making me healthier, but how can I get the most out of it and be better at it?”

While going to more yoga classes or doing more difficult yoga poses may seem to be the obvious answer. The better approach may actually lie in examining and improving what you do outside of your yoga mat. During your non-yoga regular day-to-day life. Here are some things you can do to get the most benefits out of your yoga practice. That can, in turn, make you better at it.

1. Don’t miss out on sleep

Studies have shown that yoga can help you sleep better. But do you know that a good amount of sleep is essential for your yoga session to go well? Enough sleep is needed for muscle recovery, mental clarity and increased energy. All important for your yoga practice especially, if you do very dynamic styles such as Ashtanga Vinyasa or Vinyasa Yoga. On average, adults aged 18 to 64 require seven to nine hours of sleep each night. Too little or too much will result in low energy and loss of concentration. In some cases, risks of high blood pressure, depression, and other health problems arise from lack of sleep. To sleep better try to have a relaxing routine. Including a bath followed with some light reading a couple of hours before bedtime. Avoid eating a heavy meal in the evening as well as going online when it’s time to go to bed.

2. Nourish your body with good food

Nourishing your body to maintain your yoga practice is a given. However, a question as short as “What should I eat?” is fraught with complex and conflicting answers. Some yogis adopt a vegan or vegetarian diet. Some eat only organic foods. Others go for the idea popularised by Michael Pollan in his book In Defense of Food. It recommends to Eat food (stop eating processed food products); Not too much (eat smaller portions) and mostly plants (treat meat as a side dish instead of the main course). Take the time to choose which of these options would be best for your body type and lifestyle. Ideally, get professional help from a nutritionist, if you decide to become a vegetarian. In case you need to take supplements.

3. Drink enough water throughout the day

On the average, one needs to drink around 2 litres of liquids throughout the day to keep the body properly hydrated. More so if you regularly do vigorous exercise that makes you really sweat, like the hot yoga classes. Here’s a handy hack to keep track: have a 1L water bottle with you at all times, take a few sips every few minutes or so, finish one bottle by noontime, refill, repeat, and finish your second litre by the end of the day. Having been hydrated well during the day would also prevent you from drinking water during class. Classical yoga traditions advise against drinking water when you are doing the practice as it distracts from your concentration as well as cools your body when you are supposed to heat and energise it. It is best to drink before or after your yoga class.

4. Nourish your mind with a meditation practice

Doing yoga is often described as a moving meditation. Take your practice further and start an actual sitting meditation practice. It doesn’t require much (you’ll need a quiet space, a comfortable place to sit, and a few minutes of your time to sit in stillness), but it benefits you a lot (lowers blood pressure, improves relaxation, and reduces stress and anxiety). Even with just five minutes of meditation every day, you’ll notice better concentration during yoga classes, which helps in easily getting into the postures and holding them longer. Your favourite Yoga Studio is an option if you can’t find a space in your office or home conducive to meditation, just go a few minutes before class and meditate before the class starts.

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