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Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in guest posting on DailyStar. We are always interested in receiving well-written, unique posts from a variety of standpoints which will encourage and inspire our readers.

Before submitting your post for consideration, please note the following guidelines:

  • Submission of your guest post does not guarantee publication. Your submission will be reviewed and if it will benefit DailyStar readers, it is likely to be published.
  • In keeping with the spirit of DailyStar, guest posts should offer practical, money-saving tips, advice or ideas. Or tips on beauty and health, dating advice and women and men’s issues, etc.
  • Preference will be given to those who demonstrate a genuine interest in DailyStar as a reader or follower. Submissions with a “visit my site” or “check out my product” type feel will not be accepted. Likewise, submissions which appear to be strictly PR- or SEO-related will not be accepted. If the post is found to be too promotional in nature (if it reads like an ad), or doesn’t provide much useful information, or has a lot of grammatical errors (Check with Grammarly), or if it’s just simply hard to read – we may have to reject it.
  • Posts must be high-quality, original content (i.e. not published anywhere else online). We can’t accept articles that have already been published elsewhere. Your article will be taken down if found someplace else on the net, or if your promotional link in your bio goes to spam, porn, sexual or gambling site…..or any other suspicious behaviour with the link. We only accept unique and non-plagiarized content (Check with Plagiarism Tools like Copyscape or Plagiarism Checkers) submissions for our website. Posts’ title must be attractive and informative.
  • We have reserve rights to remove, edit links and content.
  • Links in articles are usually limited to 2-3 backlinks to other websites. Any links will be “do follow’. Make sure any links in your post are relevant and valid. Links deemed to be irrelevant to the main idea of your post will be removed without notice. Likewise, any non-working links will be removed without notice. All links on this site are do-follow links and must point to respectable sites.
  • Please limit your post to 1500 words or less. (If you aren’t sure what your word count is, the Word Count Tool is handy: http://www.wordcounttool.com/)
  • Use of bullets, lists and short paragraphs is highly encouraged as it makes reading much easier. Gifs and images are also encouraged for quick delivery of information.
  • Please do not email your submission in HTML format or in a Word or text document. Simply register as an author and submit by filling in the form below.
  • Please make a concerted effort to use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Due to time constraints, submissions which require excessive editing cannot be accepted.
  • Does it offer a good reading experience? – Is it properly formatted for the web/mobile? Does it have a clear and relevant headline that lets the reader know what the story is about? An easily readable story body — paragraphs/spacing/styling/section breaks/quotes? Is it well-written, easy to follow, free of errors, appropriately sourced, narratively strong, and compelling?
    Is it a finished, polished piece of work? Considered? Concise? Will a reader walk away satisfied?
  • The article must have relevant pictures. Promotional images like (offer, sale, watermark, logo etc) are not allowed.
    When including images make sure you are the copyright owner or you have permission to use any images you include with your article. If you don’t include any images, we will select an appropriate stock photo. Add 5 quality images in your article.
  • Expect editsThis doesn’t mean that your article isn’t already great—but we may need to tailor your work to our audience and/or to fit our layout, particularly if your submission is on the long side. This includes images! We want to include your images where possible, but we reserve the right to choose what we use for final publication, for aesthetic reasons and/or copyright issues.
    Once your guest post goes live or is scheduled for publication, you cannot ask for it to be removed from DailyStar .com.au web page.

  • Include a short bio (50 words or less) at the end of your post. Feel free to include a link to your site.
  • DailyStar does not offer monetary compensation for guest posts at this time.
  • DailyStar welcomes guest posts and regular contributors. Accepting a guest post does not mean this website endorses what was written by a guest author or a product, nor responsible for any guest author’s actions.

These guidelines are not intended to stifle your creativity, but to streamline DailyStar’s guest posting process. Submissions that closely adhere to these guidelines are much more likely to be published!

If your guest post is accepted, your guest post shall be published.

If your post is not published within 2-4 weeks after submission, you may assume we do not think it is a good fit for our readers.

Depending on how many guest posts are in the queue, it may be several days/weeks before your post is published. Due to the fluidity of blogging and the time-sensitive nature of our content, we generally cannot tell you the exact date your post will be published ahead of time. However, we’ll do our best to notify you of the day your post goes live.


  • DailyStar.com.au holds the authority to approve and reject your content without citing any reason.
  • We will only publish your post after a quality check done by our editorial team.
  • Our Guest Blogs are All Rights Reserved* Do not republish any content of DailyStar.com.au without our permission.

Prior to submitting your post read the content assignment agreement.

If you would like to submit your guest post for review, please submit it to be reviewed.


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