10 Things to Consider Before Beginning Law School

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10 Things to Consider Before Beginning Law School

As we continue to pursue our PhDs and deepen our understanding of the law, we believe we are well-prepared to assist the next crop of legal eagles. So we thought we’d share a few lessons we learned in and after law school that we wish we had known sooner. We hope you find these points useful; here are the ten things we wished we knew before beginning our law study at Bond University. 10 things to consider before beginning law school.

1. Read Smarter, Not Harder

Whether you’re pursuing a Doctorate or a Bachelor of Law then it’s true that law degrees require a lot of reading. As a result, knowing how to perform harder, and smarter is essential for productive study. One of our best advice is to read cases backward; this is not a crime story, so learning the ending first is preferable. Understanding the decision makes locating key sections in the judgment much simpler. Headnotes are your buddy since they rapidly explain what a case is about before you start reading it in its entirety. Skim reading is not for slackers; rather, it is a useful technique for quickly accessing the most relevant information. Don’t skim everything; instead, pick and choose what you can skip and what you need to spend more time on to understand a subject.

2. Always Make your Notes

While it may appear easier to rely on others’ notes or use online templated notes, always try to write your notes because the subject may be taught differently from one university to the next or semester to semester. We’ve seen countless law students make this mistake and learn a key lesson through it: their understanding of a class and topics is always the most valuable. Notes are important for revision; scientific evidence shows note-taking aids memory retention. Invest time in them; you’ll reap benefits later.

3. Introverts are Good Lawyers

We used to believe that only confident extroverts could be successful lawyers. How mistaken we were! In reality, this might sometimes have the opposite impact than expected. Knowing your stuff and understanding things from other people’s perspectives are significantly more vital for becoming a good lawyer.

4. Managing Stress is a Skill

Stress is a natural component of life and has been a recurring issue during law school. That doesn’t mean we ought to simply embrace it; as professionals and learners, we must learn how to manage our stress so that it doesn’t become overpowering and insurmountable. Every person’s stress tolerance varies, so it’s critical to understand your own boundaries and schedule time to rest and recharge accordingly. Some law students seek Law Plan Report Assignment help to manage their studies smoothly and stress-free.

5. The law Always Evolves

The law is always changing, not just in case law, but also in legislation. Therefore, this is one of the reasons why practicing law is so thrilling! Because the law is constantly evolving. Therefore, you as a practitioner can be creative and imaginative in your arguments while also keeping up with changing societal standards. Learning at university does not mark the conclusion of the trip. CPD and other possibilities to broaden your knowledge as a legal practitioner exist. Such as researching a new field of legal research or defending a client in a specialty tribunal. So, whatever it is, enjoy the challenge and variety!

6. Developing your Legal Research Abilities is Vital

In your entire career, you will encounter many areas of the law that you are unfamiliar with but must navigate. As a result, if you’ve refined your research abilities, you’ll be more prepared to deal with this! The ability to explore a new topic and provide accurate advice to your clients is vital, and this skill will accompany you well throughout your legal career. If you are a first-year law student at Bond, the Faculty of Law librarians will become your new best friends. Attend an event during Orientation Week for an opportunity to know them, or arrange an appointment at any time during the semester to obtain some fantastic suggestions.

7. Choose the Most Reasonable Choice

Sometimes it appears that the strongest argument triumphs as if gladiators were battling on the pitch.
However, after reviewing hundreds of instances, both civil and criminal, it is evident to us that the true ‘winners’ were the individuals who presented arguments with the most logical conclusion. Craft your claim in this manner, and you will not only be one step closer to comprehending the complexities of the law, but you will also develop a few key abilities for lawyers: logic, reason, empathy, and restraint.

8. Language Lovers do not Fear Simple English

If you enjoy language and words (which is likely if you’re studying law). However, it can be tough at first to avoid flexing your literary muscle and employing elaborate or flowery jargon.
Finally, verbosity has no place in the legal profession, where clarity is paramount. Remember your audience and use simple language to guarantee your argument is received and conveyed correctly.

9. The law is more Diverse than you Imagine

Some disciplines of law, such as construction and construction-related law, have their own sets of legislation and regulations. Therefore, you’re unlikely to encounter them in law school. However, as you reach the world of law as a practitioner, this may alter, and you will need to adjust rapidly. Entering the legal field with an eagerness to learn will keep you on your toes as you navigate these new and different topics.

10. Law Graduates have Numerous Choices

There’s more to law than becoming an attorney or barrister or working in private practice, with a law degree, the possibilities are limitless!
Don’t overlook the opportunities for a profession outside of ‘conventional’ law. As some other industries and businesses respect legal abilities. Furthermore, the additional talents that lawyers develop during their studies and employment. Like as effective interactions, research ability, empathy, confidence, problem-solving, and so on. Also, can help them approach nearly any career route in a well-rounded manner.

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