5 Bathroom Updates That Are Worth the Cost

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5 Bathroom Updates That Are Worth the Cost

From time to time every bathroom requires a bit of redecorating, but this doesn’t mean that you need to do a total overhaul. Instead, you can keep it simple and just consider some specific bathroom updates that would help you add a breath of fresh air to this part of your house. In order to help you out, we’ve prepared a list of all the alterations you can opt for which are definitely worth the cost. Let’s take a look and get down to work.

Opt for energy-efficient lighting

5 Bathroom Updates That Are Worth the Cost

The bathroom is a room which requires perfect lighting in order to be fully functional. Just remember how hard it can be to put on makeup or shave when there is little light and you’ll understand how important this is. You should start by adding a couple of light fixtures and replacing the outdated ones. On top of that, switching from regular incandescent light bulbs to LEDs would be a smart move since they can save you a lot on electricity bills leaving you with a bigger budget for bathroom remodelling. Finally, don’t forget to let the sunshine in whenever possible since the natural light is greatly beneficial to our health.

Invest in smart storage solutions

Smart storage solutions are always worth the cost, especially when we talk about bathrooms where we could always use some extra room to store this or that. You can start by installing some shelves on which you can place your towels and cosmetic products without occupying any floor space. Additionally, there are many extremely affordable DIY solutions that you should consider as well. For example, you can take your old wooden crates, paint them in different colours and then use them to store toilet paper and other smaller items. They will be super-practical and look great at the same time adding that vintage feel to your bathroom design.

Update your tiles

5 Bathroom Updates That Are Worth the Cost

This season, fabulous geometric tiles have become a huge craze among Australian renovators. However, one must always make sure to take great care of them in order to keep the bathroom looking fresh. For example, you can resurface them with spray paint or hire tile cleaners from Sydney who can make your bathroom sparkling clean in no time. After all, most often a good scrub is exactly what your bathroom tiles need in order to look as good as new.

Add a bit of vintage charm

If you got bored with the modern and minimalistic look of your bathroom, don’t hesitate to experiment with other options as well. For instance, adding a bit of vintage charm would be a nice change which is definitely worth the cost. You can start by introducing a beautiful freestanding bathtub that will remind you of times passed and add some elegance to your bathroom style. Additionally, painting the walls in a beautiful coral nuance would be a nice finishing touch as well. Finally, don’t forget to incorporate a few rustic accessories which can really tie the whole place together and create a unique and warm atmosphere.

Upgrade your shower

5 Bathroom Updates That Are Worth the Cost

You may not have enough space to bring in a bathtub, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your shower equally as much, or even more. You just need to upgrade it a bit and switch from your old shower head to a bigger rainfall-style one. This may seem as a small detail, but we guarantee you that you’ll be pleasantly surprised and wish you didn’t have to leave your shower ever again.

As you can see, there are so many upgrades which can turn your average-looking bathroom into a true oasis of peace and enjoyment. You just need to get your priorities straight and start with what you find to be the most urgent. Good luck and don’t forget to enjoy your new bathroom.


Chloe is a graduated journalist from Adelaide and a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator.

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