5 Best Places to Go for Whale Watching in Western Australia

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5 Best Places to Go for Whale Watching in Western Australia

Whales are not only the largest animal living in the ocean but are also considered to be the gentle giants of the sea. Every year, in different parts of Western Australia, visitors meet at particular junctions to have a glimpse of these amazing creatures. If whale watching is on your bucket list, here is the list of the 5 best places to go for whale watching in Western Australia.

The season of watching whales is followed by the annual migration of the creature that starts from the Southern Ocean to Kimberly Coast, north. Between the months of May and December, the southern right whales along with the blue whales come close to WA’s coast.  They come so close the coastal area, one can easily spot the whales during midday as the sun is directly overhead.

More than 45 species of whales call Australia home, in fact, 60 percent of the world’s whales can be found in our waters. Making Australia one of the best places to go whale watching.


5 Best Places to Go for Whale Watching in Western Australia


Situated on the coastal shores of Flinders Bay that and counted as the best land-based area of whale watching. It is one of the very few places around Australia where you will find Southern Right Whales along with Humpback whales. This is a great spot to watch this majestic creatures breach and frolic and admire their agility too.  Once you reach Augusta, you will find several companies that will take you closer to the breaching, spy-hopping and tail-slapping action.

Bremer Bay

The marine life expedition to Bremer Bay Canyon will make it easier for you catch a closer look at the tail slapping of the biggest whales on earth. The expedition takes place in between February to March, giving you a clear view. This place is famous for Orca and Sperm whales.


Busselton is one of the most popular whale watching points of Western Australia. You will encounter Humpbacks Whale and Minke whales that are rare to find in other coastal zones.

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Humpback whales travelling north-west to Broome can be seen travelling in a line across Albany’s Bay between June and November. Southern right whales also migrate north from Antarctica, but they take shelter in Albany’s southern bays to mate and give birth before returning south.


September to December is the best time when you can set for watching the Humpback whales in Fremantle WA. The fishing boat harbour in Fremantle will lend you a great time with your family.

Not every coast in Australia is suitable for having a clear view. If you want to be among the 35,000 people who are planning to take a trip to the coastal areas of Western Australia to go whale watching, you probably want to know what types of whales you are going to encounter while whale watching.

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What are the types of whales you’ll encounter in your adventure?

Humpback Whale: These are the most popular types you will find in almost all the five places. It creates the shape of a hump by arching its back when it dives underwater.

Blue Whale: Blue whales are the largest species of the whales family. It reaches up to 100 feet in length and 130 tonnes in weight so there is no way you are going to miss it if the animal comes close to the coastal area. This whale when seen on the surface of the water, it has a steely grey colour but when seen below water it’s a beautiful turquoise blue.

Southern Right Whale: In the old days, this whale used to be considered by whalers as a good catch as it moved slowly making it easy to catch. In addition, its body was very rich in oil. for whale hunters as it moves quite slowly. Due to its slow motion under water, visitors hardly miss its sight.

Whale watching will not only inspire you but leave you in awe.

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